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If you’ve moved more than once in your life, chances are you’ve acquired friendships that have continued across the distance.  Or, you may no longer live by your family.  It’s time to open up your home to visitors!  It can be a stressful experience to host long-distance family or friends, but preparing for their stay doesn’t have to cause headaches!  With a few simple touches you can really brighten their stay.  Whether or not you’ve got a separate bed and bathroom for your guests, these 7 tips for preparing a guest room are sure to help you out.


1. Freshen up.  It can be tricky to know how your house really smells, since you are so use to it. To freshen up the room, I always wash all sheets and bedding the night before guests arrive, and give the furniture in the room a good dusting and vacuum the floor.  I also give the bathroom that guests will be using a thorough cleaning using a good-smelling cleaner like Mrs. Myer’s.  The finishing touch is adding a candle on the nightstand beside the bed.


2. Try to anticipate your guest’s needs. That might mean ensuring that a glass cup and bottle filled with water is beside the bed ready for that needed drink in the middle of the night. Or you could make sure that there is an extra roll of toilet paper readily visible in the guest bathroom, since nothing is worse than having to open up cabinets and search through other people’s things when toilet paper is needed. Also, lay out a stack of fluffy towels, and provide a few travel sized soaps and shampoos in case they forgot something.


3. Dress in layers.  Or rather, dress the bed in layers. You never know if your guest will be hot or cold when sleeping in the room. Make the bed with a light blanket, then drape a heavier quilt or comforter at the end of the bed making it easily accessible to the guest if they need it. Consider adding two types of pillows to the bed – one a soft down pillow and one that is more firm, so the guest can choose which one they prefer.


4. Lighten up.  Add a night light to the bathroom and leave the door open, especially if it’s easily visible from the guest bedroom.  If they need to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, they won’t grope for switches and can easily see where to go.


5. Try some light reading.  Set a pretty tray on the dresser or table, and add a book and few current magazines. Also, if this is their first visit to the area, include a few brochures about local attractions or a book about the history of the city. This will give your guest a few things to read at night if they need some down time.


6. Give them space.  Make sure your guest have enough space to unpack their suitcase if needed, especially if the guest room does double duty in your home. If you regularly utilize spaces in the guest room for extra storage, clear out a few drawers and make room in the closet.  Your company will appreciate it.


7. Accessorize.  For a finishing touch, add a vase of flowers to the room. It doesn’t have to be a formal bouquet; you can find in season flowers at your local grocery store, and after simply arranging the flowers, they look lovely. Also, add a short note beside the vase of flowers, thanking your guest for the visit and welcoming them to your home. It’s the small touches that truly make your company feel welcomed.


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