Decorating with Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

Decorating with Non-Traditional Christmas Colors @Remodeaholic #holidays #decorating #christmas

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Christmas is a time for traditions — but it can also be a time to make new traditions and go your own route! Classic Christmas colors like red and green or gold and silver will never go out of style. But if your style is a little more eclectic or you just want to try something new, you can still have a lovely holiday environment while breaking out of the norm and using non-traditional colors in your decorating — especially on your tree!

Creating modern and stylish holiday decor can really be as simple as taking your traditional holiday decor and changing up the colors, either by purchasing new ornaments or by spray painting a bit like Corey demonstrated here. Check out this ombre Christmas tree from David Bromstad over at HGTV:

blue ombre tree - David Bromstad via @Remodelaholic

And as David says:

“Adding bold colors to your holiday scheme will make your home stand out from the rest. By adding something glass or crystal to your trees, and a neutral touch will allow the tree to stand out on its own.”

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree - David Bromstad via @Remodelaholic

So choose a color you love, and go for it! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Non-Traditional Christmas Color Schemes

For a modern twist on the classic red and green, just travel around the color wheel a bit and find a shade of a warm orange and nice cool greenish blue! This mint and  peach combination on a white tree is stunning – the whole room just makes me want to move in! (via Southern Living)

mint and peach christmas tree - Southern Living via @Remodelaholic

For a more classic look, stick with the deep green tree with deeper orange and turquoise, plus some neutral colors and textures like this one from BHG — and using an urn as a tree stand? Perfect for giving a small tree added height, and I imagine it would be good for keeping the tree safe from babies and pets, too. turquoise and orange christmas tree - BHG via @Remodelaholic

Gold and silver are Christmas stand-bys (and a personal favorite of mine), but even classic golden oranges and yellows can take on a new look when paired with bright modern patterns (via Tobi Fairley):

citrus yellow and orange christmas tree - Tobi Fairley via @Remodelaholic

or when left alone on a blank white tree for a lovely and bright minimalist Christmas (via Muramur and Apartment Therapy)

minimalist yellow and white christmas tree via @Remodelaholic

gold and white christmas tree via @Remodelaholic

If you’re really looking to add some stylish color — go for turquoise! From a lighter aqua to a deeper peacock blue, any shade looks lovely on the tree — or you can mix all the cooler blue tones like this tree from Emily Henderson:

turquoise blue and green christmas tree - Emily Henderson via @Remodelaholic

Bright turquoise ornaments plus an ombre tree skirt are just part of the colorful Christmas decor over at The DIY Show Offpeacock blue christmas tree - The DIY Show Off via @Remodelaholic

And for a colorful but subdued holiday color scheme, use one shade of the same color paired with white and gold neutrals (via Southern Living) — and again, an urn as a tree stand. So much more stylish than the tree legs of a fake tree! bright turquoise blue christmas tree - Southern Living via @Remodelaholic


Purple is another non-traditional Christmas color that look SO lovely! Try it on a white tree (via Houzz)

 or you can really jazz it up and pair the purple with a GOLD tree (via Daily Mail)

purple and gold christmas tree - Daily Mail via @Remodelaholic

And pink? It’s not just for little girls (although my girls do love it!). Decorating in shades of pink (with easy flower clip-in ornaments) is lovely and feminine without being too girlish (via Rachel Denbow):

shades of pink christmas tree - Rachel Denbow via @Remodelaholic

Or you can use a deeper raspberry pink and some orange to create a really lovely tree (via Maria Killam)

raspberry pink and orange christmas tree - Maria Killam via @Remodelaholic

But if you want to make all the little girls squeal (okay, there will be some big girls squealing too!) then go for all-out bubblegum pink like this (via Wayfair).

pink christmas tree via @Remodelaholic


Can’t decide which color you love most? Mix and match or create a rainbow tree! Michael over at Inspired by Charm creates such a beautiful, colorful Christmas every year — I love the collection of colorful vintage ornaments on this tree!

rainbow christmas tree - Inspired by Charm via @Remodelaholic

The rainbow looks equally lovely on a white tree, of course (via Houzz).

What colors are you decorating with this Christmas?

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