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Hi! I’m Sarah from Just The Bees Knees. You will find me around here every month usually sharing a fun and inspirational mood board. I love talking about different decor styles that are new and trending, such as Modern Coastal, or styles that are inspired by a place, like the South. Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me, and I could literally spend HOURS browsing through fabulous interiors. Lately, one style that I have been drawn too, and always evokes a few oohs and ahhs from is what I like to refer to as Rustic Glam.

Rustic Glam is a fusion of weathered wood, chippy furniture and worn pieces with bright whites, clean lines & lots of  sparkle! Lets take a look at some interiors that are the perfect example of this style. (sources below)

rustic chic dining room

How pretty is this dining room! The worn wood table top and French Linens are offset by this show stopping  chandelier. I love the feminine touch of the pink hydrangeas too.

rustic glam bathroom

Who needs a spa when you have a glamorous bathroom like this?! The old beams add a touch of rustic against the classic cabinets, and the chandelier and sconces give the bathroom a little bit of bling.

rustic glam chic living room with mantel

This room has more of a rustic Scandinavian feel to me. The walls are a liitle darker, and the wood whitewashed, but what takes this room from country to chic is the cascade of crystals hanging form the ceiling.

rustic glam kitchen island

This more modern feeling kitchen is instantly given a more rustic, timeworn feel by the addition of the old farmhouse table used as an island. And we can’t forget the touch of bling added by the light fixture! Noticing a trend here?!

rustic glam dinette

Theres no crystal chandelier in this space, however the clear acrylic Ghost Chairs give the space a bit of sparkle thats needed to dress up the worn barn wood table top!

rustic glam bedroom

I love how this homeowner used rustic, chippy old doors as a headboard. All against crisp white backdrop and yet another fabulous crystal chandelier.

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So now lets take all that inspiration and turn it into a fabulous mood board!! Check out my take on Rustic Glam, then read my tips on how to create this style in your home!

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Tips for decorating in a rustic glam style -- a great blend of sparkly and chic with some masculine natural touches.

See  sources and similar items for this mood board here!

Here are some tips and must haves to take your space from Rustic to Rustic Glam:

  1. Yup. you guessed it! Must have a jaw dropping chandelier.
  2. LOTS of white!
  3. And we can’t forget the worn, rustic wood finishes.
  4. Mix in furniture with modern clean lines.
  5. Add lots of light and airy fabrics such as French Linens and sheer fabrics.
  6. Don’t forget the final touches!  Add some hints of pink, maybe some feminine ruffles or tassels, and scatter in some shiny and sparkly accessories.


See all sources for this mood board here!

What are your thoughts on this Rustic Glam style?! I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again to Cassity and the Remodelaholic team for having me again today! And as always, I invite you to pop on over to my blog and take a little lookie loo around.

xo Sarah

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  1. I love it!! i have a lot of the chippy/rustic style in my home, but no chandelier 🙁 I think I need one now 🙂 Love all the ideas!!