DIY Lamp Kits on Vases

DIY Lamp Kits on Vases
contributed by Unexpected Grace

***Disclaimer: Sorry for the blurry pictures taken with my droid.*** 

Ok so I am finally posting my lamp-scapade. If you remember from this post, I was on the hunt for a beautiful, inexpensive glass lamp for our master bedroom. Unfortunately after scouring every Teej, HomeGoods and Target in the southeast I was left with no such luck. On an adventure with my mom to my favorite, At Home in Homewood, I found these.

I’m pretty sure my mom thought I was nuts when I broke out my phone and started to giggle hysterically. A lamp kit plus an upside down vase equals my new masterpiece. At $250 a pop, I’m not sure if I was more excited about saving around $200 on my version or the fact that I finally have new perfect lamps. 

I snagged the glass vases from Ikea for $19.99, lamp kits from Walmart for $4, and burlap lamp shades from At Home for $25. I could have saved more on the lamp shades but I just fell in love with these. Next was some gorilla glue and patience. I mounted each kit to the top of the upside down vase. Both lamps still need finials. And it didn’t stop there. 

Next was a new lamp for the office. I recently found a end table for $35 at TJ Maxx that was a little shorter than the one on the other side of the couch. I really wanted a lamp that was tall enough to somewhat match the height of the other lamp. While and Ikea I found an amazing bright yellow glass vase but it was too short to make a lamp. Solution: buy two and gorilla glue together. Using the same process as my bedroom lamps I ended up with this.

2 glass vases from Ikea $8, lamp kit $4, and lampshade from Target on sale for $10. I love this lamp! Not bad for $30 bucks. 

One more. This week I found another awesome vase at TJ and of course was dying to make it into another lamp for the kitchen.

$7 for vase, $4 for lamp kit, and $12 for lampshade. I’m thinking about adding some fun fabric to the lampshade its too blah for its funky shaped base. 

So there ya go, 4 new fun and modern lamps simply using vases.

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  1. >I saw some tall post ones at a friend's house this weekend and having been trying to figure out how to drill through 30 inches of wood. Hey- maybe I don't need to! Good idea and thanks for sharing!

  2. >Those are fabulous!! What a great idea, and I really really love the yellow one- You'd never know those are two pieces made into one!

  3. >LOVE this!! I love that they didn't put the cord through the vase, this is what has kept me from using lamp kits in the past

  4. >Cool! I was not aware of lamp kits. A whole new world of possibilities have just opened up to me. Hehehe

  5. >You're a genius! Why didn't I think of an upside-down vase? Going to keep my eyes open from now on!

  6. >OK really just Gorilla Glue?? Whih type of Gorilla glue? Patience due to drying time? I sooo want to run out and get my supplies!! So many questions because can it be that simple?? Tell tell…