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I love this project!  Simple, yet so nice.  It comes from Julia at Open Hands Full Heart.

This art wall literally is a “side” project as it’s off to the side of our entryway.

Ingredients needed: one old window your husband has begged you to find a use for as of 2009. Some family photos and old projects you put together. A thermostat that is begging to be hidden.

So an empty wall, again decorated for what we’ve got lying about the house:

Yup, my thermostat is pretty fab.
As is the texture on this old window frame.
This was a quick, fun project that I love the results of!

I too love it!  I love how it hides the thermostat in plain site!  
Perfect, wouldn’t you all agree?
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  1. >What a great idea! We have an unsightly thermostat thingy in a very promenant wall. I will definately keep this in mind!!

  2. >I love this kind of ingenuity… just thinking though, it would be even more inconspicuous if you put a frame around the thermostat as well. I think the distressing on the window frame is beautiful, and the size fits perfectly on that wall! What a statement!

  3. >I'm loving, loving, loving this idea for an entry way!! Who doesn't love to showcase their thermostat :)-

  4. >I really like this window idea. I just bought a bunch of black photo frames to start a collage of old photos of great grandparents etc. I think I just might need try the window idea. Thanks.