Get This Look: Simple Garage Organizing Tips and Ideas

In all the summer excitement, has your garage become a disaster area? You know what I’m talking about — camping gear left out, sports equipment strewn from the car door to the house, and who can even remember the last time you could locate a garden spade without doing a full family interrogation… Now that summer is coming to a close, reclaim the garage by following our 6 simple tips for garage organizing. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - Simple Tips for Garage Organizing from #garage #organizing #tips @Remodelaholic

6 Steps to an Organized Garage

1. Create Storage Space

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to dig out the one thing you need, whether it’s a tool or a seasonal decoration, from the very bottom of a stack of boxes. Use all the vertical space you can along the garage wall to keep items accessible. 

  • Pegboard allows you to easily move things around as needed — so the snow shovel can be tucked away during the summer but ready for action in the winter.
  • Recycle an old shelf, or build a simple one, to hold storage bins and larger items up high.
  • A simple peg shelf, built from a board spanning the open studs, holds tools and jackets effectively.
  • Our rustic wall storage bins would be great for holding smaller items like gloves and painting supplies. 

2. Make Space for Work

A garage isn’t just for storage — you should be able to work there, too! Upcycle an old but sturdy piece of furniture to use as a work bench. Potting tables, hutches, dressers, and desks are all good candidates for a second (or third!) life out in the garage. Adding small shelves to the top of your work station helps those small often-used items stay in their place instead of cluttering up your work area. 

3. Sit Down on the Job

Don’t forget a place to sit at your work space. Try a stool like this one so you have both a place to sit and a step stool to reach items on the top shelf. 

4. Customize It

Your garage needs are personal to you and your family, so make it work specifically for you. Our inspiration photo has so many great custom storage ideas to adapt to your space:

  • Mount wire mesh or chicken wire along the back of the open hutch shelves and use clips to hold inspiration photos or other important papers while you work. 
  • Use a magnet strip along the side of your work bench to hold small tools. 
  • Rout holes in a small wooden shelf (shown here as part of the workbench) to hold commonly used tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers. 
  • Use a pants hanger to hold rolls of tape and spools of wire or string. 
  • Screw jar lids to the underside of a low shelf to organize screws and other small hardware items. 
  • A simple hook or nail along one leg of your work bench is a great holder for a level. 
  • A shelf like this one holds 6 cans of spray paint and keeps them visible and organized. 

5. Organize It

For the other items that you need to store, use pegboard organizers, stacking bins,  and semi-transparent boxes so things are visible but not just tossed on a shelf. Once you have a designated space for something, label it to help your family members keep up with the system. 

6. Paint It

A fresh coat of paint makes everything look tidier. Pegboard painted in a modern geometric pattern feels clean and organized. While you’re painting, paint the open wall studs white (or the color of your choice) and if you happen to drip some paint on the garage floor, take that as a sign to just paint the whole thing like Shanty2Chic did

Get This Look - Simple Garage Organizing - Tips to Organize Your Garage from #garage #organizing #tips @Remodelaholic


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  1. I remember we had a project in burbank where we had to remodel the garage and do epoxy flooring and install cabinets. I wish i took pictures of the project. The results was amazing. Before and after of that garage was just amazing.