Halloween Decorating Ideas: Table Cloth Reveal

This post reminded me of the table runner that I created last year for our Halloween festivities. 
I love Halloween decorating ideas!

Emily at Piccadilly Peddler has made a nice Halloween table cloth design with three different fun fabrics.  Check it out! 

A couple weeks ago a good friend of mine came to visit.  We stayed up for hours talking like we always do and somehow got onto the topic of table ware.  Just one of the many random things we find to talk about.  We’re both in our early 30’s now and are determined to graduate from entertaining with paper plates.  She told me she recently started collecting table clothes for special occasions.  And that got me thinking.  I have two table clothes.  One is plastic and covered with paint.  The other was my $10 clearance table cloth that I picked up for Easter dinner this year.  It’s been getting way more usage than just Easter dinner and so I decided to become a table cloth collector too.  There’s just one problem with my goal.  Most table cloths I find are either less than cute or more than my budget.  Thus, for the next upcoming table cloth, I decided to start from scratch.  I had some black and white polka dot yardage on hand but, like most fabrics, it wasn’t wide enough to use alone.  I didn’t want to invest in some extra wide home dec fabric and thus found a couple more prints to add to it.  My table seats up to eight people so I needed about 2 yards of the polka dot and a yard and a half of the prints for the borders.  I had to piece my borders together a little to get the length I wanted but since this isn’t a formal table cloth, I was fine with that this time.  

After a couple evening of stiching and a few rolls of ribbon, I ended up with this.

I think I need to host a Halloween celebration now to break her in.

Everything’s washable so Halloween partying here we come!

I love it!  These are some fun Halloween decorating ideas.  It is so festive and Halloweeny.  
Is that a word?  Oh well, Halloween is so fun!
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  1. >You did a wonderful job with that tablecloth. So talented and creative. I would love to know how to start something from scratch like that without a pattern. I'm sure your halloween party will be plenty halloweeny…..I like that word!~~~Cathy~~~