Make Your Own Father’s Day Tackle Box

Make Your Own Father's Day Tackle Box | #diy #kids #project #dad #father #toolbox


Every Dad has tools and other cool Dad stuff they need to store. Here’s a great DIY project Mom and kids can make for Dad together this Father’s Day. Customize it to reflect Dad’s personality for added fun!


  • tackle box
  • Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape in Duct Blind, Tangerine Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Cherry Red and Jet Black (or any colors of your choice)
  • scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • letter stencils


Step 1: Cover the flat part of the tackle box in Duct Blind tape, making sure to cut on a diagonal to fit the edges exactly.

Step 2: To create stripes with the solid colored tapes, first lie down a full piece of tape in the location you want then cut another tape in half and laying it over the other tape to create two different sized stripes

Step 3: For the middle box, lay down four strips in a square then fill the box with more strips. To the make a smaller box cut four small strips then lay them in a box shape lining up with the smaller box

Step 4: Trace your letters (D-A-D) on a piece of paper

Step 5: Cut out those letters and place them on your middle box

Step 6: Using your X-Acto knife, trace your letters onto the tape and cut out the shapes

Step 7: Place the tape letters on the tackle box



Special thanks to Scotch for submitting this great tutorial!

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