100 Ways to Use Old Windows

100 Ways to Use Old Windows on Remodelaholic.com #upcycle #recycle #AllThingsWindows

We couldn’t do a week of awesome window tutorials without letting old windows in on the action. So we’ve collected 100 ways to reuse old windows (phew — it was a lot of searching to find the very best ones, so we could show you something outside of the norm!)

Where to find old windows? If you’re lucky, you can find them at an old house and salvage them — so make friends with people who have old houses and need to replace their windows! 🙂 Otherwise, you can look at window shops (since they replace them and often end up with the old ones), flea markets, antique shops, etc. Having trouble finding an old window? Stay tuned — later this week, we’ll show you how to build your own old-style window! (Be sure to subscribe by RSS or email to get updates for every post of All Things Windows)

Once you’ve found your window, we’ve got all the ideas you could ever need to know what you want to do with it! We’ve got ideas for single-pane windows, multi-paned windows, and old windows without glass (because not every window makes it through intact 🙁 ) — for everything from decor to furniture both inside and outdoors.

Ready? Here we go…

100 Ways to Use Old Windows

We’ll start off with the more traditional, classic ways to use old salvaged windows…

Use an old window as a large photo frame (by Domestically Speaking)

Domestically Speaking - family photo framed in paned window - via Remodelaholic

or treat it like a collage frame (from Laura Haley Photography)

Laura Haley Photography - old paned window as photo frame - via Remodelaholic

Make it a decorative by backing it with colorful scrapbook paper (by Liz Marie)

Liz Marie Blog - old window with scrapbook paper - via Remodelaholic

or with burlap for a nice oldish texture (from A Diamond in the Stuff)

A Diamond in the Stuff -- old window with burlap for mantel - via Remodelaholic

Etch your old window! (via Empress of Dirt)

via Empress of Dirt - etched old window - via Remodelaholic

Staple chicken wire or hardware cloth to the back to make an organizer or display (by RedTop Workshop, here on Remodelaholic)

Redtop Workshop on Remodelaholic - old window with chicken wire as a hair accessory holder

Create a gallery collection of old windows (via Apartment Therapy)

via Apartment Therapy - old window wall collage - via Remodelaholic

(source unknown, sorry)

source unknown - salvaged old window gallery wall on patterned wallpaper - via Remodelaholic source unknown - old window gallery wall with window coffee table - via Remodelaholic

Add hooks and use it as a coat hanger (source unknown).

source unknown - old window into coat hanger or display hooks - via Remodelaholic

Use it to add depth when you layer your mantel and decor (from Sugar and Spice)

One Girl Three Brothers - old window layered on mantel - via Remodelaholic

and use it to add interest to a hanging wreath (at The Sweet Survival — and how awesome is that window??)

The Sweet Survival - use an old mirror to hang a wreath on the mantel - via Remodelaholic

or a clock (from Down to Earth Style)

Down to Earth Style - old window with clock - via Remodelaholic

or a framed photo or artwork (by Walnut and Vine)

Walnut and Vine - hang a photo or art print on an old mirror - via Remodelaholic

On the next page: more ideas for using old windows that are flat/non-paned –>

page 3: Ideas for using old windows with wooden sashed panes
page 4: How to use an old window that has no glass
page 5: Things you can build with old windows
page 6: Using old windows in your yard and garden

100 Ways to Use Old Windows on Remodelaholic.com #upcycle #recycle #AllThingsWindows

We love hearing from fellow Remodelaholics, so let us know what you like about this and leave any questions below in the comments. If you've followed a tutorial or been inspired by something you've seen here, we'd love to see pictures! Submit pictures here or by messaging us over on Facebook.

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  1. Some friends of mine worked for a glass shop and they were in the process of replacing 60+ year old 6 pane windows from a local girls camp. They called and asked if I would be interested and I jumped at the chance. For a plate of cookies as payment they ended up replacing the glass with mirrors. I painted the frames with some crackle paint and they looked awesome! What made them more special was that my cousin had worked at that camp for a number of years.
    I’m now trying to find a place for them in my new house. They don’t exactly go with the style but I can’t stand to part with them.
    Thanks for all the cute ideas!

  2. I have beenDESPERATELY searching for a window exactly like the window in this piece that has the wreath hanging from it- I’m working on a project for a client and I have every piece BUT the window! I found one similar but it was over $200 I can’t pay that and make any money on the project- HELP does anyone know where to find unusual shaped windows like that (yes I’ve got tons of antique and vintage doors shutters and windows but the windows are just normal in shape- I need one that makes a statement!
    Grannies Attic

    1. What state do you live in? I’m in Texas. If you are near a town that has old houses or near the country you can find a lot of older homes with old windows. Please are wanting to upgrade to double pane windows and will take out the old windows. I found 2 for $10. The people were moving and were needing to sell the old windows quickly. If you are on Facebook, join some classified groups. Then check everyday. You find some. Happy window exploring!

  3. Hey Cassity… I’m finally on a regular keyboard, (last 2 comments on this post were from my phone, and crazy full of typos!) Anywho… I just wanted to give you the head’s up, my old blog ‘decorate with a little bit’ is now called: ‘simple decorating tips’ I lost the domain and they wanted crazy money for me to buy it back… I hate it when I see a picture associated with that domain name go viral like this one and I don’t get any traffic to my blog now because it’s the wrong name. Could you possibly change the source name to my current blog? I won’t put the link for the post on this comment, because it’ll probably push it into your spam folder and you won’t see the comment! But if you go to my site and type in ‘interior windows’ in the search box, you’ll see it show up with some other posts featuring interior windows. Thanks so much! BTW… I’d love to get together and do some more feature posts with you… I did a couple for you before. 🙂 Thanks again! Liz

  4. I own a window replacement company and I regularly search for ideas for reusing old windows. This is one of the best collections I have seen! Thanks for the ideas.

  5. I found a few really good ideas on here but I don’t understand why it’s called a hundred things to do with old windows when you only showed like 20 and no way to find anymore on this site, guess I must have missed something

    1. Hi Lisa,
      We split up the ideas so that the page wouldn’t load so slowly with 100+ images. Look for the section toward the bottom of the post with links:
      On the next page: more ideas for using old windows that are flat/non-paned –>
      SEE ALSO
      page 3: Ideas for using old windows with wooden sashed panes
      page 4: How to use an old window that has no glass
      page 5: Things you can build with old windows
      page 6: Using old windows in your yard and garden