Installing New Windows in Our Basement Remodel

Remodeling our 1960’s basement means making some energy-efficient upgrades, like our new vinyl windows! See which we chose and get our tips for installing. 

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New Basement Windows

We are only the 2nd owners of this house, so a lot of the house was original to its 1960s building standards when we bought it. Including the single pane aluminum windows.

We’re modernizing as we remodel (including leaving the ceiling open to the joists) and that includes making this home more efficient and comfortable.

We’ve upgraded the lights. It was time for the old windows to go.

1960s Basement Remodel New Windows #remodelaholic

We’ve already replaced the window in the bathroom, so little by little all the windows are getting upgraded to double-pane vinyl windows.

There are a few different ways to install windows, and I’ve been DIYing long enough (and watching contractors close enough) to have the confidence to install my own windows.

These 2 windows are surrounded by the original concrete foundation, and I was installing while it was cold outside, so it was a little different install than others I’ve done.

Watch the video for more info about how I installed this basement window. 

Installing New Basement Windows In 1960s Basement Remodel #remodelaholic

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Installing New Windows In A Basement Remodel #remodelaholic

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  1. Hello!!!! We are about to finish our basement. It looks like it was built the same year and way as yours. I’d LOVE to see any photos of progress especially with shots of the room’s walls and those exposed joists. I love how you ran the drywall up between the joists. We’re going to do that too. Any tips for time saving? Also, did the sanding make a big difference on the joists? Is your hvac stuff exposed or hidenn away somewhere?

    I love your work and hope we might be able to see the finished results!!!! Warm thanks, Aminah in N.C.

    1. Add blocking behind the drywall to attach it to it. Sanding helped to soften up the wood. It looks and feels a lot better. Our air ducts are exposed and it looks good.

      We love the look it’s just a lot of labor if you are up to it.

      1. Thanks, Justin, for writing back!! Will do on the blocking. I will submit photos once we’re done. I’d love to see how yours shaped up. Any chance ya’ll will be doing an update?
        warm thanks,