Modernized Bungalow Kitchen Renovation with Reclaimed Wood Countertop

Renovating an older home is a different kind of challenge from taking a cookie cutter home from builder grade to beautiful — both require lots of work and planning, plus blood, sweat, and tears, but I always love seeing charming older homes get some much needed modernization, while still maintaining their classic charm. Our guest today does an amazing job doing just that! Laurel hails from SoPo Cottage, and you’re going to love her latest project, an updated bungalow kitchen renovation. Laurel and her crew created this gorgeous space:

6 Total Kitchen Remodel With Custom Range Hood, Glass Door Pantry, And Reclaimed Wood Island, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

from this humble beginning:

Total Kitchen Remodel, Before, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

And as an added bonus, they also reused some of the original lumber for some gorgeous rustic features in the new kitchen! Here’s Laurel to show you more of this bungalow kitchen:

Modern Bungalow Kitchen Renovation
by Laurel from SoPo Cottage

Hi I’m Laurel, joining today from SoPo Cottage.  I renovate old houses to give them updated amenities – but try to retain the classic, antique charm that these houses have.  Our projects are typically 50-100 years old, so we’ve seen a lot of charm!  If you want to see all of our projects, check out my blog here.  We’re always working on a fun project!

Recently, we did a top to bottom renovation of a 1927 bungalow.  It had been well maintained over the years, but was ready for a few modern updates.  A real plus was a good sized kitchen – but it was hidden in the back of the house and had a lot of wasted space.  We changed all that by opening up the wall to the dining room and closing a wall to a rear hallway, creating a space for a new pantry.

1 Kitchen Remodel, Before, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic
Bungalow Kitchen – Before
2 Kitchen Remodel, After, With Repurposed Wood And Open Shelves, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic
Bungalow Kitchen – After

Our number one priority was to retain the original antique sink.  We had it refinished and it’s the focal point of the room.  Don’t you love the deep sink and integrated drain boards?
Open Shelves Made From Repurposed Wood In Kitchen Remodel, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @RemodelaholicWe saved all the wood from the demolition work and wanted to use it in the kitchen.  The first reclaimed wood project were these open shelves next to the sink.

Next, we took old wall studs and turned them into a countertop for the kitchen island.  They add so much character to the room, with their deep color and interesting texture.

Reclaimed Wood Countertop In A Bungalow Kitchen Renovation, SoPo Cottage Featured On Remodelaholic

The rear wall of the kitchen went from a blank space to the cooking hub.  And we highlighted the space with a custom hood for the stove.  Want to see our DIY approach to the wooden hood?  Check it out here.

Total Kitchen Remodel, Before, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

6 Total Kitchen Remodel With Custom Range Hood, Glass Door Pantry, And Reclaimed Wood Island, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

7 Glass Pantry Door In Kitchen, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

I found this old door at a local salvage yard and refinished it with original antique glass from a window we removed.  Then I simply oiled the finish, to warm up the lustre of the antique wood and added an antique glass door knob.

8 Custom Range Hood, Glass Pantry Door And Reclaimed Wood Countertop In Renovated Kitchen, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @RemodelaholicRemoving the dining room wall made such a huge difference in the whole flow of the first floor!9 Complete Kitchen Renovation, Before, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic
10 Cottage Kitchen Remodel Using Repurposed Wood, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

This is a new light fixture, but it provides such a nice retro touch to the room.

11 Retro Lighting In Renovated Kitchen, By SoPo Cottage Featured On @Remodelaholic

This was a huge project that took us many months.  But I’m thrilled with the outcome!  Want to see the rest of the renovation?  Check it out here!

This bungalow kitchen renovation went from dated yet charming to modern but homey, maintaining the original charm while updating the layout and making it more functional, such as adding a pantry. Get the details from SoPo Cottage on

Remodelaholics, be sure to go visit SoPo Cottage and check out the rest of the bungalow renovation!

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