New Video Series

You Guys!!

I am so excited to be doing a video series with for the next 8 weeks!

A new segment will go live every Saturday.

This is a BIG deal to me… (notice all the caps?  That isn’t me yelling at you, I am just that excited!)

It has been a HUGE project, taking up every single free minute of my time, and I NEED your help to get the word out!

Can you pretty please watch the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to Remodelaholic on YouTube, as well as Wayfair’s YouTube?

I have to admit, I am super nervous about this whole project.  I haven’t lost all the baby weight since- well heck, my second and third angel baby.  And it is so scary to put myself out there.  So please help a girl out!  Spread the word!    I really need your help with this!


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