Dark Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration and Design Tips

Dark Kitchen Inspiration and Design Tips | Creating a non-white kitchen at Remodelaholic.com

Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. I’m a big fan of the white kitchen trend, but it seems like sometimes that can be all you see out there, am I right? So today, I thought I’d gather up some dark kitchen inspiration, and put together a moodboard with some ideas of my own.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

Before we get to that though, just check out all the amazing inspiration photos I found while browsing around the web:

Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: Remodelista 


Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: BHG 
Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: Atlanta Homes | Photo Credit: Erica George Dines 
Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: The Shaker Kitchen 
Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: Atlanta Homes 
Dark Kitchen Inspiration
Image Source: Nicole Franzen 

Doesn’t that just make you want to run home and paint your cabinets dark? With all that inspiration in mind, here’s what I came up with:

Dark Kitchen Inspiration and Design Tips | Creating a non-white kitchen at Remodelaholic.com


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Pineapple Art
Spice Art
Herb Tray
Backsplash Tile

Working with dark cabinetry can be tricky, because no one wants a kitchen that feels dark and dreary, or like they’re cooking in a cave. Here are my thoughts on how to pull together a dark kitchen that still brightens your day.

Tips for Designing a Dark Kitchen

Contrast – One thing you’ll notice in pretty much all the example photos is a strong use of contrast. Whether it’s white walls, light counters, or light colored flooring, a dark kitchen just feels more balanced with some light elements for contrast. In the moodboard above, I’ve paired up the dark cabinets with some bright counters that have flecks of color in them for interest. I’ve also used artwork with a lot of whitespace to help lighten up the feel of the room.

Natural Light Sources – One element that’s almost essential to pulling off a dark kitchen is natural light. If your kitchen doesn’t have ample natural lighting, dark cabinets may not be the way to go.

Pops of Color – The fun thing about dark cabinetry is how color just pops off of a dark background. Adding in even a few colorful elements makes a bold statement and can give the room a whole new warmth and personality.

So there you have it. What are your thoughts on dark colored kitchens? Are you a fan of the white cabinetry, or do you prefer a darker hue?

Non White Dark Kitchen Cabinets @Remodelaholic

As always, thank you to Cassity and the Remodelaholic team for having me back each month. I’d love for you to visit me over on my site, ADaesthetic.com, or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for more updates and inspiration. Have a great day, friends!


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I LOVE the dark color and it made me feel proud to have a dark kitchen (if you will) in my own home. I always felt like I *should* lighten it up with all the attention a light kitchen is given in media. Not anymore! Appreciate the attention and thumbs you have given.