One Hot Bottom, uh I mean Hutch!

I know, I know, a very naughty title.  Forgive me, but I really am talking about the base of this white hutch.

Check out the 1st and 2nd post about this piece if you have the chance!

Originally the hutch base had three doors.  The thing that bothered me the most about the original look is that the spacing didn’t match the top doors.  Function wise, the middle section didn’t move, it was nailed in place and only the two outside doors worked.  AND the doors were literally 2 inches thick, so the space inside was limited and I hate wasted space, I want this white hutch to store stuff so I needed more space.

When coming to a look we liked design wise, we tried to copy as many details from the top that we could.  That doesn’t mean that all the details were the best, but that the two pieces needed to work together so we took our cues from above (ha ha).

Hutch Makeover By @Remodelaholic
We started by adding a face frame to the sides.  Because the original doors were the front face frame and we wanted to make the new piece a little deeper, so technically the original frame sits back a few inches.  One detail we added to make it look a little more classy are the side panels. We made the sides to match the existing upper doors, and the new base doors.
Complete Hutch Makeover, By @ Remodelaholic
For the bead detail, we found a molding that worked and ripped it down on the table saw to the proper width, and applied it on instead of using the router.  At this point we also made the feet an inch or two longer than the original base cuz I mentioned earlier that we wanted it a little taller.
Brown To White And DIY New Doors For Wooden Hutch, By @ Remodelaholic
Justin then made a basic face frame and nailed it in place to the front.  It overlapped the side panel about an 1/8 of an inch, similar to the existing top.
4 Remade Hutch, New Doors, New Paint, By @ Remodelaholic
I wanted the doors to match the glass doors, so he made those to look as close as he could.   But, one thing we did have to change a bit were the door dimensions.  Because we added the face frame it would have made the two side doors really small, so we had to tweak it a bit (along with the drawer section) but we think it turned out okay, see if you notice)
How To Remodel A Hutch To Make It Match Your Home, By @Remodelaholic

Lastly, when I was looking for inspiration on how I wanted my hutch to look once updated, I saw a lot of molding wrapped bases.  So, we went for that look, and it has the added benefit of keeping little baby things, cat toys and junk from falling under the furniture.

Before paint this is what the piece looked like.  (so much better than before… you should really scroll up there and check it out)

DIY Hutch Makeover, By @Remodelaholic

Now on to putting humpty-dumpty back together again…  Here are all the pieces coming together.  You can see in this picture that the stencil is really subtle.  I am liking this….

7 Wooden To White Hutch For Storing Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
How To Makeover A Wooden Hutch, By @Remodelaholic

I decided that I didn’t want to have to spray paint the inside shelves outside and I was going to ignore them completely, but it took a while to finish and install the doors, so one day I just sat down and painted the interior.  I am glad I did.

Trying on the doors for size…

How To DIY The Bottom Of A Kitchen Hutch, By @Remodelaholic
DIY Remodel Of A Kitchen Hutch, By @Remodelaholic

Then off again to paint… now for the fun stuff – dishes.  I realize for some people’s taste I may have too much stuff in there, but I am really happy with it, and it changes occasionally, but not too often, and not too much.  This really is about function for me cuz I totally have a dish fetish so I need storage.

How To Style Dishes In A Hutch, By @Remodelaholic
DIY Redo Of Dish Display Case, Wooden To White, By @Remodelaholic
Quick reminder of the old:
How To Redo A Dish Display Hutch Cabinet, By @Remodelaholic

And FINALLY with the doors back in place and painted!  Now all we need to finish are the drawers.

Amazing Hutch Makeover By @Remodelaholic
15 DIY Remodel Of Kitchen Hutch For Storing Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
Kitchen Dish Display And Storage, By @Remodelaholic
How To Store And Display Kitchen Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
DIY Dish Display, @Remodelaholic
DIY Redo Of Kitchen Hutch For Displaying Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
Detail Of Kitchen Hutch Wooden To White, By @Remodelaholic
Hey everyone!  Hope you can’t see the dirty dishes I am neglecting in the reflection of this bowl!
Kitchen Dish Display Hutch, By @Remodelaholic
DIY Remodel Of Kitchen Hutch Used For Displaying Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
Here just so you feel satisfied, I photoshopped (not so expertly) some drawer fronts on there.
How To Redo A Kitchen Hutch With New Doors And Drawers, By @Remodelaholic
DIY Remodel Of Kitchen Hutch Used For Displaying Dishes, By @Remodelaholic
Old Hutch Now White Hutch
What do you think about our white hutch project?
It only took me about 10 months to blog about it…

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    1. I used a flat razor blade without any chemicals. It was painted on the back of the glass and it was easy to get off. Thanks for asking!

  1. Love this! I just got a free hutch from my friends mother’s house… stinks and it doesn’t have drawers. I’ll be adding the middle section to it like you did. The center door on mine doesn’t open on the top….I am going to see if dear father in law can modify that for me….but thenks for the inspiration! I’m going to pick it up in a few minutes and get started on this baby!

  2. Love how this turned out! Your modifications were perfect. Like the plainer doors much better. Great job!

  3. This has to be one of the most spectacular and creative “re-dos” I have ever seen. What a “functional statement maker”!

  4. This project was an amazing transformation! It’s so exciting to click on the link to see what you have done! Truly inspirational!

  5. To young lady that said she got hutch from her friends mother and it stinks Try going to $store getting damp rid product ,there version set in cabinet for week ie so ,doors closed maybe it will draw smell out

  6. Love how this turned out! Do mind sharing where you got the paper for the teal backing? Or how you did that?


  7. I love what you did! It brought to the present! I’ve often looked at this hutches (because they are everywhere and cheap) but never thought of how to make them more modern. Now I know!
    The only thing I would like to see is if you painted it an awesome color (kelly green, coral, hot pink, teal/turquoise, red, orange).

  8. That poor hutch WAS an eyesore….now it is fabulous. Simplified design that is so beautiful and functional.

  9. So I know this is about the hutch (so lovely btw!!) but all I kept coming back to was the GORGEOUS styling inside in. I love the way you’ve layered all those beautiful vases, platters and other beauties. So much in there and yet it doesn’t look crowded. Absolutely stunning!