Preventing Home Heat Loss

It is that time of year again in many areas. Time to turn on the heat! It is important to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter season, but there are some things that can make that a challenging task. Many areas of the home can hinder heat from staying inside. It might be less energy efficient things or improperly insulated areas of a home. No matter what the problem is there are ways to fix home heat loss and lower those energy bills.

Not sure where the cool air is slipping in at? It could be through windows, the roof, lack of insulation, doors and even the floors. I know in my home I need to replace my weather stripping around my doors. Something small like that can make a huge impact on the amount of cool air that slips through those cracks. Same goes for windows. They might be older and allowing air to slip in between the cracks.

One of the most money efficient ways to ensure your home stays heated is adding insulation. What you pay for goes a long way and can pay for its self very quickly with the savings on your heating bill. Here are some other ways can you take your home and help prevent home heat loss with this great infographic created by Cast FirePlaces.

Preventing Home Heat Loss Infographic, plus other ideas to get your home winter ready via #winter #home #homeheatloss #homeimprovement #house

Don’t forget to check out these other items to do before winter hits full force with this Winer Home Checklist.

winter home checklist-9

While you are at it, you might want to check out this Seasonal Cleaning Checklist as well. Get the winter prep and cleaning done all at the same time. Then you will be able to enjoy a nice warm and clean house.

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

What ways have you used to help prevent home heat loss in your house? How have they worked and have they saved you money?

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