36 Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry

If you have a lot of jewelry there is a good chance you have problems organizing it all. Maybe it’s all a big mess in your jewelry box or maybe you are keeping everything in a messy drawer.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are just a little bit creative, you can organize your jewelry in a much better way. Just take a look at this graphic from Axentric that shows you 36 ways to organize your jewelry. Bonus: these are all eye-catching too, so you can get organized and add a decorative display at the same time!

Everything in the graphic is a good DIY project that shouldn’t be that difficult. Another advantage is that most of the projects doesn’t require that many things, so you might be able to complete some of the projects using what you already have at home. Easy, inexpensive (or free), and beautiful organizing — can’t beat that!


36 Ways to Organize Jewelry Creatively and Beautifully

36 Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry - most of these can be done with things I already have around the house! @Remodelaholic

And if 36 ideas wasn’t enough, try these jewelry organizing ideas, too:

TUTORIAL: Make a mini card catalog jewelry box

DIY Miniature Card Catalog Storage Box | The Gathered Home for Remodelaholic.com #cardcatalog #tutorial #vintage

TUTORIAL: Easy painted jewelry bowls — more budget-friendly DIYs here
painted glass dishes for jewelry House on the Way

TUTORIAL: Driftwood jewelry organizer
$5 DIY Driftwood Jewellery Organizer  The Learner Observer for Remodelaholic.com

Use an old window to organize necklaces and earrings, via Etsy
(more ideas for using old windows here)
via Etsy - paned window into jewelry organizer - via Remodelaholic

A bracelet organizer keeps everything visible and organizedjewelry 4

A wooden bust cutout is lovely for your favorite pieces! More jewelry box alternatives herejewelry 2

TUTORIAL: Make an easy jewelry dish to hold earrings and braceletsdiy jewelry organizer

A rod inside a cabinet door is perfect for jewelry! More organizing ideas herehidden jewelry-storage-option

TUTORIAL: Framed corkboard (or even cardboard covered in fabric could work!) with pins is customizable and inexpensive. jewelry 3

Use jewelry drawer dividers to keep it neat and tidy.jewelry drawer dividers

A picture frame and sticks? So easy!picture-frame-stick-jewelry-holder-necklaces-home-decor-DIY

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  1. I use empty pill bottles, labels removed, for my earrings and for bracelets and necklaces I found a metal tree Hallmark made years ago that is suppose to be used for pictures and hang them from that. For jewelry that I’m crafting for friends, I put all the pieces in a plastic baggie and hang it on cork board with their name inside. Now, if only I could put them away as soon as I took them off!