Quick Clean; PR 3

Well I have been doing some little projects here and there and this is just a little something that has been needing to be done.  It took about 5 minutes but was so worth it!  

At some point we plan on building a vertically organized cabinet over the fridge.  For now I have I little organizer in the cabinet beside my oven.  And as you can see, it seems that I have a lot of tray type cooking-thingamajigs that have gotten WAY out of order.  That and it all just needed a good wipe down.

Before and After:
The best part is that I have remove things without everything falling out!
I forgot to show you the little organizer that I used.  I got it at Walmart for less than $10.00 ( a few years ago in the organizing isle- with all the little drawer organizers etc.).  So if you would like to organize your cookie sheets etc.  go look out for something like this!  (no building involved!)
Maybe a boring post, but seriously, it made me a lot happier!  Also, this is doable, right?  What little tiny projects do you have to do around the house that you have been avoiding?

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