Regain Some Sanity via Closet Organizers

It’s the morning routine pitfall we’ve all experienced one too many times. I’m running late and somehow, the car keys, one shoe, and my jacket all seem to be missing at the same time.

I could swear that I put my keys down right by the kitchen counter. No?

Maybe on my vanity?

Oh, it’s probably in my purse!

Now onto the issue of the singular shoe: how on earth did I manage let one shoe go missing? Time to check in all the usual places: under the bed, underneath the dirty laundry, under the couch; pretty much every place I can think of that my kids could have dragged my shoe. By the time I find my shoe, I’m already 10 minutes late so forget the jacket, heck forget breakfast!  Time to run out the door with a muffin in one hand and a hair-tie ready in the other.

Does that morning routine sound a little too familiar? I know that there are a million other things I could accomplish if I just managed to squeeze out more time out of my mornings instead of spending it looking for my clothes and keys.

What is missing, besides my brain those mornings?  Good old fashioned organization.  Lately I feel like I’ve been swimming through a sea of junk.  I need to have a good purge of excess, but then still I need to organize  what I have left.  Because my biggest downfall is not having a place for everything.

Which has left me dreaming of perfect custom closets, with wire basket drawers, closet organization, Shelves, drawers, and pretty jewelry storage



Since closets are charged with housing a large variety and volume of items, they are often, just a plain mess, with clutter and teetering stacks of paint covered t-shirts( at least in my closet!).  

But, with customized closet organizers, your closet’s specific layout and storage needs are taken into account before the implementation of a system begins. This means that your closet organizer is literally designed from the ground up and built exactly the way you want it.   So….

What are some good tips to get the type of closet you want?


1. Start identifying your primary storage goals.

Are you storing clothes, crafting supplies, your rubber duck collection (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone!)?  Define the purpose and set the space in order accordingly.

20100407_cc_janssen_1253_8bit Stairway_Cubbies1_09


2. Make a place for everything. 

Once you’ve decided what the closet will be used for then it is time to figure out what you will do with everything inside.  Closet organizing systems can definitely be worth the investment!  I LOVE these ideas:




3.  Make the space beautiful

A closet is a room too, and one that you visit often. Give it the extra attention it deserves with a much needed update. By incorporating a bit of creative design, you can transform your space into a lovely focal point in any room all while increasing the functionality and overall organization of the space.

beautiful custom clset design

(image source)

Beautiful Custom closet




closet organization

closet organization2

Than you can forever bid adieu to the morning struggles of trying to get dressed quickly only to find a colossal disaster of a closet.

Most pictures found via California Closets, thanks for sponsoring us, and making this post possible!

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  1. I attempted to check out your blog and found a State Farm add that could not be closed or moved. This ad prevented me from reading two paragraphs of your blog. Just wanted you to know. You have a very interesting blog.

  2. I love your stuff but sometimes I get discouraged because I like what I see but you don’t always state where to get the items from. This can get kind of frustrating. I know you stated that some of the rooms are from California Closets, but what about the other items? I just love the color of the jewerly boxes in the drawer and I went to the hotlink to see if they were there and they weren’t. Can you please tell me where you found them? Or were they also a part of the California Closet line? But please whatever you do keep up the great work cause I need all if the help I can get!

    1. Hi Candee,
      I’m sorry to hear you are discouraged! I know that is frustrating to not be able to find where to buy that perfect item! We do our best to link to products when we can. The photos that are from California Closets are watermarked, and the ones with other sources are from those sources — mostly magazines that don’t have product sources. So I’m sorry I can’t be more help!