Take a Good Look In the Mirror

Okay, so this image was featured on their post because of the chairs.  But my eye was drawn to the mirror!  I  helped my friend build a mirror like this for her master bedroom, and have the instructions for that here.  And I still have my heck huge mirror that I would like to transform, but I don’t really have a spot for it, so I am not sure I will do it in this house…  I think if I do this project over though, I would like the new frame to look something like this. 
Image Source Design*Sponge
(the other things that caught my eye…)
Hello did you notice the table too?  Love it, actually it reminds me of a table that we featured by Unexpected Elegance.  
Lastly I LOVE the light.  I actually found two lights like this (not quite as cool but they’ll do) at the Habitat Home store.  I am hoping that I can hang them in my kitchen.  
What do you like, or hate about this image?

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