Virtual House Tour of an Old Rhode Island Home

We recently saw what Seaside Shelter did with her beach house, now it is time to see what she has done with her current house.  I just fell in love with what she has done and had to show it off here with a virtual house tour post.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Old home whole remodel

Submitted By Seaside Shelter


I live in Middletown, RI which is a part of the Newport, RI beach community. We have our home here that we live in 11 months out of the year (that remodel took 7 years, but was well worth it!)

I bought this house with no plumbing, no electricity, no walls. We lived in one room washing dishes in the bathroom sink for about a year. It’s come a long way!

My parents were custom home builders so I’ve always had a affection for older homes since I never had the opportunity to live in one, plus I’m a HUGE yard-saler and bargain hunter who owns all her own tools so resurrecting this little shack was super exciting for me!

It was actually photographed this week for a local magazine here in RI. I’m dying to see how it came out

Here are a few of the links to what I’ve posted so far about our beach house:

Floor To Ceiling Bead Board

Before and After of the Beach House Interior

Beach House Exterior Before and After


Old Rhode Island House Tour Images


Home Tour 1

Home Tour 1a

Home Tour 1c

Home Tour 2  Home Tour 4

Home Tour 3

Home Tour 5  Home Tour 6

Home Tour 7 Home Tour 9 Home Tour 8

Home Tour 10

Home Tour 12

Home Tour 13

Home Tour 14

Home Tour 15

Home Tour 16

Home Tour 17  Home Tour 19

Home Tour 18

Home Tour

Home Tour 11  Home Tour 20

Very nice house right? What do you think about her virtual house tour?


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  1. Cassity,
    Thank you so much for sharing my home with your readers! I love your site and can’t wait to check out some of the other projects here for some more inspiration!

  2. Love, love, love it! We remodeled our first home and I did the dishes in the laundry room for such a long time…you appreciate a kitchen sink so much more after going without! 🙂

  3. Dani, I love what you’ve done! We’re renovating a 1840’s farmhouse in our spare time, and have similar stores of washing dishes in the bathroom, living in fleece since there was no insulation, etc.
    I love the cowhide block shaped ottoman. May I ask for a source?

    1. Hi Sally, I imagine it uses a brace on the wall, but this was a guest post so I can’t be entirely sure. But you can click the link to the guest’s blog (up at the top of the post) and ask there, too. Thanks!