95 Ways to Hide or Decorate Around the TV, Electronics, and Cords

Ready to get rid of the cord clutter? We’ve got ways to hide cables, cords, and electronics, plus ways to decorate around the TV and electronics so they are part of your home decor instead of an eyesore. 

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How to Decorate Around The TV and Electronics

When it comes to interior decorating, every household has at least one obstacle in common: electronics.

More and more the television, media players, and game consoles are an integral part of most family rooms. But they aren’t really very attractive.

So, how do you strike the balance between having the technology available without having it stick out like a design-sore thumb?

We have almost 100 ideas to get you inspired! (and be sure to check out our other Deck The Walls decorating ideas and tutorials, too!)

In this post:
page 1: how to decorate around the TV
page 2: TV gallery wall ideas
page 3: creative ways to hide your television
page 4: tricks for hiding electronics and cords

27 ideas for decorating around the TV! plus gallery walls and other techniques to hide the television @Remodelaholic


Incorporate and Decorate Around the Television

The old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” often rings true in functional family decorating.

Some things just need to be in your house, and some habits (shoe dropping, anyone?) are more easily accommodated by adjusting the system rather than trying to overthrow it completely.

The television decor situation is the same — sometimes, it’s just more effective to embrace it and let it be than to try to hide it! (Although we do have ideas for that on page 3, of course 😉

If you’re really dedicated amd ready to invest in having a TV seamlessly blend in to your decor, especially in a main living area, consider splurging on a Samsung Frame TV. They’re designed to look more like wall art and be able to display beautiful art when you’re not watching, without damaging the screen, and you can purchase additional pretty frames as well.

My friend Lindsey over at Makely introduced me to the phrase “techoration” — it’s the idea that, rather than fighting it, you incorporate technology into decorating and design choices.

Lindsey shared how she does it by incorporating art and other decor right around the TV:

decorating around technology and TV (Makely)

And by using her very fun, bold style to almost completely engulf the television! 😉decorating around technology and TV bold wall (Makely)

A DIY sliding platform also helps the TV to be out when you need it, but not in the way when you don’t (by Home Coming).

diy sliding platform for tv (Home Coming)

and if you’ve still got a “relic” entertainment center around, make it work for your flat screen by converting it into a TV console! (Tutorial from The Moon and Me on Remodelaholic)

old entertainment center in TV console (The Moon and Me)

Framing in a wall-mounted television helps it to blend with the decor and look more like art, less like a TV — we made ours from reclaimed wood, and we also hid our cords in our faux mantel!

reclaimed wood framed TV with mantel to hide the cords (Remodelaholic)

My friend Brooke at All Things Thrifty used crown molding and gave hers a fun color.

build a TV frame (All Things Thrifty)


You can also put a frame around the outside edge of the TV, and then layer the decor around it, like this from Better Homes and Gardens.

The rough wood shelving and stacked frames become the focal point, not the television.

layered decor and shelving around a framed television to help it blend in (BHG)

As an alternative to framing your TV, you can update the TV frame itself! Tasha at Kaleidoscope Living used Rub N Buff to make her TV match her gallery wall frames (and see her trick for displaying art on any TV.)

Gallery Wall Finished Tv 2 Kaleidoscope Living

Get yourself a show-stopping TV console, like this old workbench from Brooklyn Limestone, and add some stylish accessories, and your eyes won’t even mind the big black box tv. decorate around the TV with a workbench console and minimal decor (Brooklyn Limestone)

Same story here — this DIY farmhouse TV console is big bold and beautiful, and the gallery wall behind makes the TV blend right in.

Adding a reclaimed wood “backdrop” fits great with a rustic style (via Design Sponge)reclaimed wood whitewashed plank TV backdrop (via DesignSponge)

and if you think a littl big bigger, it can easily be used to hide cords as well! (by Remove and Replace)wood planked pallet accent wall behind the TV (Remove and Replace)

Think a little bigger and add a pallet-style wall behind the TV — hang the TV/speakers and the cords can go behind. (via Minha Casa)
reclaimed wood pallet-style wall to hang television and hide cords (Minha Casa)

Cape 27 made a full pallet wood wall, and the deep wood tones camouflage the TV, while the white canvases on either side draw attention and complete the symmetry for a great look!
symmetrical canvases around the television, on a stained wood plank wall (Cape 27 Blog)

This family room from BHG features painted foam core tucked behind the TV, in bright colors that match the rest of the room to make it a cohesive design. painted art (on foamcore) behind the television (BHG)

or a vintage pull-down map can have the same effect, too! (from Eclectically Vintage)vintage dresser TV console with vintage map hung behind the TV (Eclectically Vintage)

Just the wall behind the TV can make a big difference, too — try painting it black (via Apartment Therapy)

hide the TV on a painted black wall or bookshelf (via Apartment Therapy)

or another dark color (West Elm via Refinery 29) to hide the television.

paint a dark wall behind the TV and hang a gallery wall to hide the television (West Elm via Refinery 29)

or create a little TV niche to embrace it and make a focal point (via HGTV)

build a wood television niche (HGTV)

A dramatic grouping of geometric shelves looks great on the wall above the TV (from Monogram Decor) and PS: you can get plans to build your own hexagon shelves here.

hexagonal geometric shelves above the TV (Monogram Decor)

A large art easel holding a flatscreen looks great in this apartment (House Beautiful via Remodelaholic).

use a large art easel to hold a flatscreen tv (House Beautiful via Remodelaholic(

And of course, add some storage with shelves! Open floating media shelves right under the TV (Shanty 2 Chic)

open floating media shelves under the TV (Shanty2Chic)

or “hanging” shelves surround the screen can hold electronics as well as decor (Life Thru a Linds).


A large shelving unit can provide a great “home” to the television (via BHG)

disguise a television in a large rustic shelving unit (BHG)

(from Habitually Chic)

disguise a TV in a large shelving unit (Habitually Rustic)

These tapered shelves provide storage and anchor the wall, without the large footprint of typical built-ins (via Apartment Therapy)

built-in storage and shelving around the TV (via Apartment Therapy)

And these built-ins at The Yellow Cape Cod are stunning!fireplace built-ins with television niche (The Yellow Cape Cod)


Of course, it’s great to incorporate a wall-mounted television just like you would art: Lolly Jane installed it above board and batten and flanked it with a couple of pieces of DIY art.

wall mounted tv with board and batten wainscoting and art (Lolly Jane)

And the large pieces of artwork here are the stars — not the television (via Apartment Therapy).hang large art around the TV (via Apartment Therapy)

And if you add a few more pieces, you can easily create a full gallery wall for your television!

See TV gallery wall ideas on the next page –>

95 Ways to Decorate Around or Hide-Disguise a Television, Electronics, and Cords @Remodelaholic

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