25 Best Back to School Lunches


Wow, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of August!  For many of you, that means the morning rush to get kids out the door and on their way to back to school (don’t tell me you haven’t been counting down, or don’t admit it anyway!).  ‘Tis the season for back to school sales at the mall, bins of school supplies lining the aisles of the discount store-I’m gonna stock up on glue sticks!, and brand new shoes.  Time to start thinking again about how to keep track of everyone’s backpacks and homework.  It’s a busy and exciting time for families with school aged children.

If your kids are old enough to spend the entire day at school, then another thing that might be on your mind is what they’ll be eating for lunch.  While many schools provide cafeteria lunches, there are a few reasons why not everyone wants to count on the school to feed their children(I love Jamie Oliver’s food revolution.. anyone else?).

Saving money, feeding picky eaters, avoiding processed foods, special dietary needs, monitoring what your kids are eating, and preventing lunch time boredom are just a few of the reasons why you may choose to pack a lunch at home to send with your child.  The best reason yet is to give your kids a simple reminder in the middle of their school day that you are thinking of them.

(Remember when Justin made me this lunch?  I felt so loved!  Simple idea for any sandwich… and that is the point of this post.  I am sure if you take even part of these great ideas and make it a reality just once a week, your child -or heck, make your hubby lunch- will have fond memories of those lunches too!)

Once you’ve decided to let your child take a lunch from home–whether it’s every day or every so often–the trick is finding ways to keep that lunch fresh and fun.  And thanks to great ideas all over the internet, it’s easy to find tips, tutorials, clever products, and easy recipes to do just that.  And the best thing is, these ideas work great for moms like me that are trying to think beyond PB&J for their little ones at home, too.  Today, I’ve compiled some lunchtime inspiration for you with what I think are the

25 Best Back to School Lunch Ideas.

Food for Lunches

Angry Birds Lunch

Ice Cube Tray Toddler Lunch

Sandwich Kabobs

Pancake Lunch

Apple with a Heart

Lunch with Ferb

Mason Jar Salads

 Gluten/Peanut Free Lunches

Crunchy Tuna Salad Sandwich

Winnie the Pooh Lunch

May the Force be with Your Lunch

Homemade Granola Bars

Rainbow Sandwich Bread

Lunch for the First Day of School

Lego Lunch

Simple Bentos

Waffle Lunch

Lunch with Ravioli Hearts

Hello Kitty Lunch

 Lunch Packing Tips/Supplies

Streamlining Lunch Packing

Printable Lunchbox Planner

Eco-Friendly Lunches

Printable Lunchbox Jokes

Lunchbox Napkins

Sew Your Own Lunch Bag

I love these great ideas for back to school lunches!  And remember, if you are still in the swing of summer and are not yet ready to let the last few weeks slip by, be sure to check out the Top 25 S’more treat ideas!  You won’t regret it!

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  1. says

    What super great ideas! Thanks! Crazy as this may sound, with only a little over a month left, we STILL don’t know whether our daughter will be going to public school, or me homeschool her! She is lonely, and yet, neither she, OR my husband, are morning people, and he would be getting her ready for school while I’m showering at the Y after my morning laps.

    Hey, either way, I can still use these ideas to give her fun lunches! Again, thanks!

  2. dana J says

    I love these posts. i’m always struggling on what to pack my girls for lunch. The issue I have with all these “pretty” lunches, is that while they look great now (staged) how in the WORLD do they make it to lunch looking like that? With all the throwing around of lunchboxes with elementary kids, I can’t imagine that the decorative lunches end up looking much like the the pictures above, but more of a scrambled mess! I hate to spend so much time making something look great, only to know it’s just a pile of mess later on.

  3. Rachel says

    The problem I have with school lunches is that most foods just don’t taste really great at room temp, and my kids ( as most) don’t have the option of warming anything up! So that’s where my lunchbox dilemma comes from!

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