25 Best Birthday Cakes


25 Best Birthday Cakes

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Get creative with these fun and festive birthday cake ideas. There's something for everyone!

25 Best Birthday Cakes

During the long weeks between the Christmas holidays and Valentine’s Day, we have to find good excuses to celebrate.  Or at least plan the celebrations to come, right?.  I’ve been thinking about birthdays, lately.  I am a big fan of doing things to show the people I love just how much I love them.  And if I can tell them by baking something, then that’s a win-win!  So, it goes without saying that birthday cakes are a big deal for me. 

Since I have birthdays and celebrations and—let’s be honest, here—CAKE on my brain right now, I’ve been searching the web for amazing cakes.  I’m especially drawn to the ones that look like something I could make at home or learn to make at home.  I’m here to share the ones I’ve discovered with you today, along with with a few of my personal favorite cakes.  Enjoy!

slide 1: Easy Molten Lava Cake
slide 2: Dad’s Chocolate Cake
slide 3: Karo Frosting Cake
slide 4: Decorated Cake Roll
slide 5: Butterfly Cake
slide 6: Eyelet Cake
slide 7: Face Birthday Cake
slide 8: Ruffled Celebration Cake
slide 9: Hogwarts Cake
slide 10: Castle Cake
slide 11: Rainbow Sprinkle Cake
slide 12: Lego Cake
slide 13: Rose Cake
slide 14: Fruit Birthday Cake
slide 15: Rainbow Petal Cake
slide 16: Vertical Layer Cake
slide 17: Ninjago Cake
slide 18: Lemon Blueberry Macaroon Cake
slide 19: Fashion Birthday Cake
slide 20: Spiderman Birthday Cake
slide 21: Sailor Cake
slide 22: Chocolate Donut Cake
slide 23: Hungry Caterpillar Cake
slide 24: Puppy Cake
slide 25: Hamburger Cupcakes

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Featured and Pinterest friendly pictures from Country Living.  Aren’t these the Best Birthday Cake Ideas?!

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    WOW! Thanks so much for featuring TWO of my cakes!! I LOVE your blog!!! It’s so inspiring! My husband and I are serious DIY too and have had two fixer-uppers we’ve been in. It’s SO fun to see what other people are doing! I’ve had your bathroom mirror and “raised” vanity post in my “upcoming house projects” folder for our house! I’m SO excited to do that in our master bathroom!! I think it’ll happen this summer!! YEAH!

    Again, thanks for featuring my cakes!! You’re amazing!

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