25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table


25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

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Add style to any space in your home with these gorgeous console table ideas.

Is there any piece of furniture more versatile than the console table?  It’s the perfect height behind a sofa for placing lamps, and in the hallway to make it the drop station for keys.  It can serve as a spot for extra serving dishes in the dining room, or function as a vanity in the bedroom when there is a mirror above it.  In the family room, you can use it to store media underneath a television set, or tuck a stool under it for a convenient laptop desk.  With a narrow surface, it’s too small to be a serious work surface but big enough to be a fantastic spot to decorate.

Small surfaces, like console tables, are the perfect places to really insert personality in your home.  Instead of letting your console table get filled up with odds and ends of household clutter, put a little thought into what goes on there.  There are a number of ways to do this, but I’ve chosen five techniques to share with you today:  symmetry, asymmetry, collections, functionality, and color.

slide 1: Symmetrical Console Table
slide 2: Warm and Stately City Apartment
slide 3: Shabby Magenta
slide 4: Patterned Vases
slide 5: Symmetrical Console Display
slide 6: Traditionally Fresh
slide 7: Neutrals
slide 8: Family Storage


slide 9: Keaton Console Table
slide 10: White Console Table
slide 11: Classic Meets Contemporary
slide 12: Organic Glamour
slide 13: Short and Tall Clusters
slide 14: Vintage Charm
slide 15: Distressed Buffet

slide 16: Leaf Collection
slide 17: Layered Entry
slide 18: Gallery Wall
slide 19: Decorative Plate Collage
slide 20: Aqua Accents
slide 21: Posh Pieces

slide 22: Functional Console
slide 23: Functional Mirror on Console Table
slide 24: Skirted Storage
slide 25: Metropolitan Console Table
slide 26: Entryway Shutter Organizer
slide 27: Drop Zone
slide 28: Hideaway Printer
slide 29: Vintage Suitcases

slide 30: Poppies and Teal
slide 31: Colorful Entry
slide 32: Sunburst Mirror
slide 33: Colorful Small Space
slide 34: Subtlety

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 What are some great tips you’ve used to decorate a console table?

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  1. says

    What a great post! So many people struggle with this. I did a smiliar post on my blog recently about styling a fireplace mantel. Another one that can be tricky!


  2. Ashley self says

    Can you please tell me where to find the leaf collection frames photos. They would be perfect above my entry way table!

  3. tina says

    Would the Decorative Plate Collage Console looks as great as the one you featured in slide 19 if the plates were all the same size? I have a great collection of plates I’d love to display, but they are all the same size….

    • Cass says

      Hi Tina! I think that could work. I would probably line them all up in a grid so it would be more like a specimen art style, where everything is lined up, rather than the organic type shape of those featured in the photo. Good luck!

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