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Girls’ rooms are so much fun to decorate! So many styles and colors to choose from. It can be overwhelming deciding what you want, and then making it happen without going overboard — because girls are all about accessories, right? We love the calm simplicity that the symmetrical layout and open wall space bring to this girls’ shared room. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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6 Tips for a Simple Symmetric Girls’ Shared Bedroom

1. Keep Colors Calm

The light blues of this room paired with a light pink or coral are both perfectly girly and perfectly calming. I can’t guarantee that calming colors will help your ruffians sleep better, but it definitely can’t hurt! Find the perfect light blue paint color here in our Color Files. 

2. Add a Pair of Ornate Wall Pieces

The open work of the sunburst mirrors above each bed is one of my favorite parts of this room. We found similar mirrors over at Wayfair, or you could try your hand at DIYing one like Made2Style did with, wait for it… toilet paper tubes! (And if mirrors aren’t your style, a pair of any type of artwork can give the same effect — circular or organic shapes will enhance the calm feeling of the room.)

3. Simplify Storage

Having a single shared nightstand between the two beds frees up room for playing, and also means one less horizontal surface to accumulate clutter. The simple curtains hung inside the nightstand’s glass doors mean that the toys, books, or soccer gear inside is hidden but still easily accessible for even the littlest residents. 

4. Include Fun Patterns

This is a kids’ room after all! Paisley, like shown here, is a classic, but don’t be afraid to branch out into whatever patterns you and your girls love. Even bold patterns like stripes or checks can fit the calm of the room if the colors are muted. I love the soft greys and blues of this beautiful set

5. Feature Metallics

The brushed metal bed frames coordinate with the starburst mirrors to add a classic touch, and a metallic finish will grow with the kids. Check out tips for using warm metals (like gold) to create a modern style

6. Go Bold Under Your Feet

A rug is a fabulous place to bring a little boldness into the room with high contrast geometric print. Plus, it makes for an extra soft playing surface for your little ones!

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