100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Love

Ombre or Color Washed Wall Painting Ideas

When you’re painting or re-painting, add color and personality with an ombre, color wash, or color block painting technique in a room or on one wall.

  • OMBRE means “shade” so an ombre painted wall features stripes (like shown here) or a gradient of 1-2 colors in continuous shades.
  • A COLOR WASH wall looks like watercolor and uses either a wall glaze or thinned out wall paint to show more color variations than a solid opaque paint. (See our tutorial for colorwashing wood stain here.)
  • COLOR BLOCK is a technique where one section of a wall is painted a different color to highlight and make a focal point. This can make ceilings feel taller or rooms seem wider, and can also help hide vents or other items you don’t want to draw attention.

All of these creative DIY wall painting techniques are easy for a DIYer and so visually interesting!

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

Color Wash & Ombre Wall Painting Ideas

Use an ombre painted wall to add color in a variety of colors, or all the different shades of just one color.

watercolor stripes colorwash wall painting ideas
watercolor striped wall by Joy Thigpen via DesignSponge

Swoon, these water color stripes are to die for!

blue ombre wall, creative wall painting ideas
vertical blue ombre wall via Decoist

This blue vertical ombre wall is the icing on the cake in this relaxing all-blue room.

horizontal turquoise aqua blue ombre painted wall idea
turquoise horizontal ombre wall via P.S. I made This

Ombre looks just as nice in a vertical painted pattern, too!

ombre scalloped wall painted wall inspiration for simple DIY wall painting ideas for kids bedroom
scalloped ombre wall by Everyday Is a Holiday


For a little girls room or nursery, a scalloped ombre wall is a darling wall painting idea!

I would paint the bottom layer first and work my way up instead of how they did this, to make it a LOT easier!

unfinished wall painting for bold wall paint idea
color fade wall, original source unknown

If you’re artistic and brave, try a color fade partially painted wall.

Creative Painting Ideas For Kids Bedroom Walls, Glitter Paint Sparkle Accent Wall, Remodelaholic UVPH16 H08
pink glitter painted wall

For the girl in your life who loves to sparkle — add a GLITTER layer of paint to the walls!

Choose a glitter paint additive for your wall paint, or try this iridescent glitter paint that can go over any color you choose.

Simple Color Block Wall Painting Design Ideas

Use a painted block of color on one wall or around the room to add interest and color to any room.

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Bedrooms, Half Painted Wall Faux Wainscoting, Remodelaholic UVPH16 H28

This pink color block wall gives the look of tall wainscoting — but you can paint over it again at any time!

large wide horizontal stripe colorblock wall, DIY simple wall painting ideas
wide stripe color block wall painting via Mod Home Ec

Love this large scale vertical stripe color blocking.  It adds color without being busy.

color block painted walls faux wainscoting, simple DIY wall painting ideas and designs
faux wainscoting color block painted room idea via Hen House

This half wall color block is so interesting!  Love how they painted the door too!

Color blocking a lower wall can be a great faux wainscoting trick, giving a lot the same visual break as installing board and batten, but with just a coat of paint.

See more creative wainscoting wall ideas.

Color Block Wall Faux Board And Batten Simple Wall Painting Idea, Blesser House Featured On Remodelaholic
color block extension for board and batten wall by Bless’er House

Lauren combined the two wall ideas, continuing the visual of board and batten by continuing the green paint around the walls for this modern woodland baby boy nursery.

black paint wainscot, original source unknown

And this shared kids room features just a black paint wainscot. The room is gorgeous but so simple.

Wall Painting Design Ideas For Kids Bedroom, Painted Sheet Music Accent Wall, Remodelaholic SLPH18 H05
color block sheet music accent wall

This subtle color block section ties together the 2 beds and helps balance the asymmetry from only one window in the wall. And so cute to have the music to a favorite song on the wall!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas
painted wall frame for mirrors

The simple painted frames on the wall give this room a lot of interest and I love how they frame the bed!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-13
color block squares with square canvas wall art

This large stripe with alternating blocks of color is a fun idea for a kids room! 

On the next page: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper –> 

Wall Painting Ideas, Stencil, Faux Wallpaper From Remodelaholic Thumbnail

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

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  1. My bedroom walls are dark green on bottom,lighter green on top,with cherry wood chair rail in between.I want to change the color of the 2 Walls across from eachother.Any ideas.Carpet is tan.Furniture all cherry wood.

  2. There are number of options using which you can give you walls a extravagant and merriment look. You can opt for a cool starburst shaped ombre wall, or you can also go for wall stenciling with a roller. If you like nature you can also go for painting a simple cherry blossom branch on the wall. Moreover, there are various other options such as a Freehand stripes, horizontal and vertical stripes. However, I would prefer that you avail the services of a Professional Interior Designer, as they possess knowledge of latest market trends, and a better Idea of what materials and design suit your home.