100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Love

Looking for creative interior wall painting ideas? We’ve got over 100 painting ideas for walls, whether you’re looking for a simple wall painting idea or a colorful painted wall mural idea. 

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Black And White Floral Wall Mural Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room Remodelaholic SLPH 18 H08
black wall with white floral mural

100+ Creative Wall Painting Ideas

So you want a new look for a room, but your budget is limited to paint?

We’ve got oodles of creative painting ideas so you can get right to painting designs on your walls.

Some of these wall painting designs are a little on the wild and crazy colorful side — but so cool!

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These wall paint design ideas may not be right for every single room in your house (and in fact, I would use these ideas sparingly so you don’t get overloaded) but there are definitely some great ideas for using paint on your walls… so here you go!

The great thing about many of these interior painting ideas is, if you have a decent base color a lot of these ideas can be accomplished with just a pint or I daresay a sample sized paint purchase on top of that original paint color, so that is pretty budget friendly.

Some of these ideas might be wallpaper or some other type of surface, but I think the idea could be done in paint which is why I shared those images. Enjoy!

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

Simple Wall Painting Ideas for Striped Walls

Grab your painter’s tape and get started! Stripes offer a classic look that adds interest instantly.

Go bold with high contrast colors or more subtle with variations on the same color with stripes in straight lines.

Stripes can be painted horizontal or vertical, in a chevron stripe pattern, or combine them all!

Add organic lines to make stripes into waves or hand-drawn strokes instead of straight stripes.

Simple Striped Wall Paint Designs

Simple Creative Wall Painting Ideas, Two Tone Striped 3d Accent Wall, Remodelaholic UVPH21 H25
subtle thin 3d striped wall

Subtle stripes like this living room wall give visual interest without overwhelming the calm piano room.

The striped wall above is actually a 3D wall treatment, with the wall painted the light green color and the overlaid thin boards painted the same white as the baseboards — such a cool idea!

rainbow stripes for dining room breakfast nook, creative wall painting ideas
rainbow striped wall via Sweet Peach Blog

Rainbow stripes are a fun addition for a dining room or breakfast nook — and a great sample paint project!

thin rainbow stripe wall washi tape or painted, simple wall painting designs
thin rainbow stripe wall in washi tape by Ann Kelle

These thin rainbow stripes are technically washi tape, but could also be done with paint and painter’s tape.

These rainbow stripes were painted on tongue and groove boards before installing for a DIY rainbow shiplap wall, but the same paint colors listed could be used for regular stripes or a rainbow accent wall.

Simple Interior Wall Painting Design Ideas, Wide Stripe Wall With Large Art, Remodelaholic SLPH18 H19
wide horizontal striped wall with large art over the couch

A wide horizontal striped painted wall is a great idea for a large or wide wall since it takes up visual space — so you don’t need as much wall decor.

multi color stripes ombre red and orange wall on a tall stair wall, creative easy wall painting designs
ombre stripe red/orange wall, original image source unknown

Multi-color ombre stripes in red and orange is a great way to liven up a tall wall like this.

24 More Ideas to Decorate Tall Walls

ombre painted stripe walls in dining room breakfast nook, easy DIY wall painting ideas
ombre stripe painted dining room wall by House for Five on Remodelaholic

This dining room is stunningly beautiful!  I love the ombre stripes, and calming wall colors (plus a fun pop or coral red)!  Featured here on Remodelaholic with a tutorial by House for Five.

wall painting ideas: vertical striped wall for a teen boy's room
wide vertical stripe painted wall in teen boy’s bedroom

Love the vertical stripes in this teen boy bedroom!

More teen boy bedroom ideas

painted stripes up the wall and across the ceiling, DIY wall painting ideas
wall to ceiling painted vertical stripes via Sketch 42

This great striped nursery wall painting idea would work from baby to teen!  

Carrying the stripes to the ceiling is so pleasing to the eye and can make the room feel larger.

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Kids Bedroom, Colorful Stripe Wall And Ceiling Mural, Remodelaholic UVPH15 H27
colorful stripe wall and ceiling mural

In another striped wall and ceiling example, this creative wall painting idea unites the 2 beds in this shared kids bedroom.

These contrasting colors make the room lively and match the bedding.

breakfast nook dining room with large scale stripes going all directions overlapping painted onto wall, simple wall painting ideas
large scale criss-cross stripes via Desire to Inspire

Stripes don’t need to be parallel! This large criss-cross stripe mural in black and white is a bold wall statement in this breakfast nook dining area.

Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas, Green Stripes And Diagonals, Banyan Bridges Featured On Remodelaholic
multicolor green striped wall by Banyan Bridges

And speaking of bold stripes — if you love bold color, check out this bold green striped wall by Banyan Bridges, with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stripes!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-3
horizontal striped accent wall with corrugated wainscoting

The simple horizontal stripe in these next few rooms can be done in different ways but looks great.  And is SUPER easy!

wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-14
two tone horizontal striped wall
wall painting ideas paint ideas decorative painting ideas-18
single accent color stripe wall painting idea

Just one simple stripe of an accent color!

Wavy Stripe Wall Paint Designs

wavy painted stripes on wall, simple wall paint design idea
wavy striped stair wall, original source unknown

What about these great wavy stripes as a fun way to decorate a stair wall!

wavy painted stripe walls in earthy tones, creative wall paint ideas for bedroom
earthy curved striped wall via Homeizy

These wavy stripes are more naturally shaped and in earthy colors, almost like a mountain topography map.

freehand painted stripe on wall, simple wall painting idea
freehand scribble stripe accent wall  via The Glow 

Try a freehand stripe for a simple wall painting idea!

Chevron Stripe Wall Paint Designs

wall painting ideas, two tone subtle chevron striped wall
tone on tone chevron stripe bedroom wall idea

I love the tone on tone chevron stripe in this bedroom above that we saw at a local home show.

wall painting ideas, entryway bold chevron striped wall in navy
bold navy blue chevron wall entryway by A Commoner’s Castle featured on Remodelaholic

If you like chevron stripes, you must try this tutorial featured at Remodelaholic by A Commoner’s Castle

colorful chevron
colorful pink blue and yellow chevron nursery wall via Attic Mag

Then of course this colorful pink, yellow, and blue chevron wall is great for a nursery!

Simple Interior Wall Painting Ideas, Bold Colorful Stripes And Chevrons, Banyan Bridges Featured On Remodelaholic (1)
bold striped wall mural by Banyan Bridges

Combine a few types of stripes with this mega bold black and white and all the colors striped wall by Banyan Bridges.

See more colorful wall painting ideas on the next page –>

Wall Painting Ideas, Color Block, Ombre, Color Wash Thumbnail

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

100 Paint Ideas For Interior Walls, Stripes, From @Remodelaholic

If you are the owner of any of these images, please contact us — we’d love to add your photo credit!

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  1. My bedroom walls are dark green on bottom,lighter green on top,with cherry wood chair rail in between.I want to change the color of the 2 Walls across from eachother.Any ideas.Carpet is tan.Furniture all cherry wood.

  2. There are number of options using which you can give you walls a extravagant and merriment look. You can opt for a cool starburst shaped ombre wall, or you can also go for wall stenciling with a roller. If you like nature you can also go for painting a simple cherry blossom branch on the wall. Moreover, there are various other options such as a Freehand stripes, horizontal and vertical stripes. However, I would prefer that you avail the services of a Professional Interior Designer, as they possess knowledge of latest market trends, and a better Idea of what materials and design suit your home.