100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Love

Wall Painting Ideas for Stencils and Faux Wallpaper

Want a one-of-a-kind look? Use a stencil for painting your walls.

There are so many patterns to choose from or you can make your own.

You can also break out the painters tape and try a faux wallpaper design.

Feeling extra adventurous? Freehand the faux wallpaper design for a “painterly” handpainted design or stamp a faux wallpaper design.

Want real wallpaper instead of faux painting your own? See our favorite modern wallpaper designs here.

The hand-painted faux wallpaper ideas below will wow you!

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

Herringbone Wall Painting Ideas

ikat herringbone stencil, simple DIY wall painting ideas
multicolor stencil ikat herringbone wall via Kurtz Corner

This ikat herringbone wall is one of my favorite stencil projects that I have ever seen!

herringbone teen girl painted wall
modern herringbone accent wall, original source unknown

An easy to make happen painted herringbone wall, just a little bit of tape. The varied stripe widths with random stripes of different colors makes it extra fun.

painterly herringbone wall via Apartment Therapy

A painterly hand-painted herringbone is a fun way to dress up a wall.

See how we stamped a similar chevron herringbone pattern here – so simple and so fast!

Diy Hand Stamped Herringbone Accent Wall #remodelaholic
painted hand-stamped herringbone faux wallpaper by Remodelaholic

See more ways to paint a herringbone pattern using painter’s tape here.

Hand-Painted or Stenciled Wall Paint Design Ideas

If you love the painted arch rainbow look, it’s so easy to paint yourself! See how at Vintage Revivals.

Simple Interior Wall Painting Ideas, Hand Painted Rainbow Arch Wall Pattern, Vintage Revivals Featured On Remodelaholic (1)
hand painted rainbow arch wall design by Vintage Revivals

Painterly wallpapers can be done by hand, keep in mind perfection is not necessary (not ideal even!)…  

See those colorful birds on the back wall of this laundry room?  

colorful bird wallpaper or painted stencil in laundry room

Well, they are actually wallpaper, but could be done free hand or with a stencil pretty easily like these ones below, only in different bright colors!!

wall painting ideas - hand painted branch bird design faux wallpaper
hand painted bird pattern faux wallpaper
wall painting ideas - hand painted branch bird design faux wallpaper
faux wallpaper design: hand painted bird pattern, designed by Wright Design and Tracee G Design

Love how this looks like wallpaper (above) but is actually painted on!

simple small section of stencil on a bedroom wall as accent
DIY stencil painted wall accent by House by Numbers on Remodelaholic

This guest room needed just a little something to make it pop.  Just a bit of silver paint only $2.50  and a handmade stencil created a fun feature!  Featured on Remodelaholic here by House by Numbers

single stencil stripe
single stripe of ornate stencil, original source unknown

A full wall stencil might be more impact than you want to make — but a single vertical line of the stencil design (or a hand painted design) can add a luxe look in an afternoon.

painted subway tile backsplash by Sweet Parrish Place on Remodelaholic

We can’t all afford a brand new back splash… or can we?  The faux subway tile back splash would be cool in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom!  Featured on Remodelaholic here.  by Sweet Parrish Place

DIY Faux Wallpaper Painted Large Scale Stencil on Wall (4)
handmade quatrefoil stencil by Savvy Stylist on Remodelaholic

For a more subtle stencilied wall look, use a paint color that is one shade different than the wall in a high gloss.

This handmade stencil looks great in this entry!  See how you can do it yourself!

Stamped Wallpaper Painting Design Ideas

If you’re not feeling artistic to hand paint a design on your walls, stamping a wallpaper design is another great option.

We used a bowl (yes, from the kitchen!) to hand-stamp this overlapping circle pattern in my daughter’s bedroom.

simple wall painting idea - stamped stencil overlapping circles
simple 1-hour stamped circle wall by Remodelaholic

A basic kitchen sponge is great for making a watercolor style stamp, too. See how Allison stamped this moon wallpaper for her nursery.

sponge stamped wallpaper accent wall, simple wall painting idea
hand stamped moon wallpaper by Shark Tails for Remodelaholic
simple paint stamp look with round foam brush, creative interior painting ideas
simple circle dot wall paint stamp, original source unknown.

A basic round foam brush makes a great easy painted wall pattern.

(Pair it with a laser level to keep the line straight.)

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Kids Bedroom, Pink Watercolor Hand Painted Polka Dot Accent Wall, Remodelaholic SGPH17 H24
pink polka dot painted wall in a bed nook

Use a larger foam dot brush for a larger hand-painted polka dot wall, like this adorable pink polka dot wall in a girls’ bedroom nook.

Or, get the same look using a watercolor polka dot wall decal!

stencil of small blocks in large scale shape, simple geometric pattern idea for faux wallpaper wall painting design
geometric square tile wallpaper idea, design by Greg Natale via VT Interiors

This make be tile, but I think you can take the dot idea from above a little further, try it to create a larger pattern instead of lines.

These squares and rectangles would be pretty easy to lay out and the finished design is stunning!

free modern painted wall border great for a bathroom, simple wall painting ideas for DIYers
easy stamped circle wall border by House Tweaking on Remodelaholic

I love this simple modern stencil border. It would make a great back splash in a kitchen, and you won’t believe what she used to create it…hint we all have one of these for free!  Featured on Remodelaholic right here.  by House Tweaking

Abstract Faux Wallpaper Painting Ideas

If you want a more organic feel to your faux wallpaper painting, grab a thick brush and paint abstract shapes or brushstrokes.

simple wall painting idea for a brushstroke accent wall DIY by The Learner Observer on Remodelaholic

This brushstroke accent wall can be painted with a stencil — but all you need is a paintbrush and some time and patience!

See how Thalita painted this nursery wall in about an hour.

abstract painted wallpaper idea, creative interior wall painting designs
green abstract painted wallpaper idea by Little Green Notebook/Jenny Komenda

I love this abstract painted wallpaper idea too!

red abstract shape hand painted wallpaper design idea, simple wall painting ideas
red abstract shape wallpaper design via Little Green Notebook/Jenny Komenda

modern black and white abstract circle shape handpainted wallpaper idea
modern black painted abstract wallpaper design via Little Green Notebook/Jenny Komenda

Painting abstract shapes and lines is easy to do to make any wall a statement wall!

Hand Drawn Wallpaper Painted Designs

If you’ve got a little time and creativity, you can grab a sharpie paint pen and get to work on your walls!

See 15 Amazing DIY Sharpie Wall Designs.

Creative Interior Wall Painting Ideas, Two Tone Wall With Flower Floral Mural, Sisters What Featured On Remodelaholic
colorblock sharpie flower mural by Sisters What

You can freehand a design with a marker, or use a projector like the hand-drawn floral wall above.

hand drawn wall paper idea, sharpie wall painting design
abstract hand drawn wallpaper design by Dykast

Another great hand drawn wallpaper idea! See more simple hand painting wall ideas here.  

DIY Sharpie Wall Art, simple wall painting ideas for DIYers
sharpie wall with geometric angles and stripes by Two Thirty Five Designs
Creative Wall Painting Ideas, Faux Wallpaper Hand Painted Brush Stroke Pattern, Kelly Elko Featured On Remodelaholic (1)
hand painted wallpaper pattern by Kelly Elko

When you find a wallpaper that you love that is out of your budget (or out of stock!) — you can just pick up a paint brush like Kelly Elko did and paint it yourself by hand (or try this lookalike round medallion stencil).

wall painting ideas, simple hand painted faux bois pattern design
hand painted faux bois pattern by Primitive and Proper on Remodelaholic

Faux Bois is a classic pattern!  I love this free hand, large scale versions for this girl’s nook! Featured on Remodelaholic here  by  Primitive and Proper

Faux Bois Accent wall, wall painting ideas
faux bois painted wallpaper via Traditional Home.

Speaking of Faux Bois, what about an entire wall done to look like rustic wood… LOVE!

blue faux bois wood pattern wallpaper in non traditional colors, creative painting ideas for interior walls
blue faux bois painted wallpaper pattern via Houzz

Or try it in a non traditional color like this beautiful blue wood grain pattern!

faux Bois tool for painting wood grain pattern, creative wall painting ideas
faux bois tool via Laura Day Living

All you need is one of these faux bois wood pattern stamping tools and a little know how — read our tips for a faux wood stamped floor here.

Related Reading: How to Make a Sharpie Faux Bois Carved Tree Design

birch wallpaper look painted wall idea, simple wall painting designs
birch painted wall tree mural by Fresh Crush

A full wall of painted trees makes a fun but neutral statement (and would look great in a nursery or play room with our woodland animal printables, hint hint).

animal print large scale painted wall idea
large scale animal print via Paint a Lifestyle

If animal print is your style, don’t limit yourself to rugs…. paint a large scale animal print wall mural!

Next page: faux painted molding ideas –>

Faux Molding Wall Paint Ideas From Remodelaholic Thumbnail

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

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  2. There are number of options using which you can give you walls a extravagant and merriment look. You can opt for a cool starburst shaped ombre wall, or you can also go for wall stenciling with a roller. If you like nature you can also go for painting a simple cherry blossom branch on the wall. Moreover, there are various other options such as a Freehand stripes, horizontal and vertical stripes. However, I would prefer that you avail the services of a Professional Interior Designer, as they possess knowledge of latest market trends, and a better Idea of what materials and design suit your home.