100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Love

Wall Painting Ideas: Repeated Pattern and Geometric Shapes on Walls

Repeated patterns and geometric shapes are in style and easy to DIY!

That makes these geometric patterns a great idea for wall paintings that are modern, bold, and done in a weekend.

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

Simple Pattern Wall Painting Ideas: Herringbone

Herringbone is a classic style, and the simple geometric patterns can be painted on your walls using just painter’s tape.

navy herringbone wall DIY, simple creative wall ideas for painting interior walls
navy herringbone wall via Birch and Bird

A herringbone pattern looks great in a solid color like this deep navy blue wall in a nursery.

See more stamped and hand-painted herringbone wall ideas here.

multicolor herringbone laundry room accent wall, simple interior wall painting ideas
multicolor DIY herringbone wall by Design Build Love on Remodelaholic

Or, use a variety of neutral shades for a bold herringbone wall like this laundry room accent wall. Featured on Remodelaholic here by Design Build Love

Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas, Painted Chevron Herringbone Stamped Accent Wall, Remodelaholic UVPH21 H13
hand painted herringbone accent wall

For a smaller artistic herringbone pattern like this, you’ll probably want to use a large wall stencil or our simple wall paint stamping technique instead of just painter’s tape.

To keep the hand-drawn style when using a stencil for herringbone: rather than rolling the paint on the stencil, use a small paint brush to paint the lines with the stencil providing a basic pattern to trace.

Simple Pattern Wall Painting Ideas: Polka Dots

For a kids’ bedroom, playroom, or another room where you want a fun and relaxed vibe — paint polka dots!

Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas For Nursery Bedroom, Tone On Tone Sheen Polka Dot Accent Wall, Remodelaholic SLPH18 H14
allover polka dot wall with high gloss wall paint

This is the classiest polka dot wall I’ve ever seen!

Paint or stencil allover polka dots in a high-gloss paint in the same color (or one shade different) as the wall color.

Simple Painting Ideas For Walls, Multicolor Overlapping Circle Bubble Polka Dot Accent Wall For Living Room, Remodelaholic UVPH15 H27
multicolor circle bubble painted wall idea

These colorful bubble circles are so fun for a living room or sitting area — a great way to decorate above the couch!

I really love that the overlapping colors combine to make the new color. It’s the little details!

There are also soooo many renter-friendly polka dot decals available if you want a patterned wall without painting.

See polka dot wall decal options and get more polka dot wall ideas here.

simple creative wall painting ideas, large polka dot wall yellow green nursery bedroom
large scale polka dot painted wall

This large scale polka dot painted wall would be easy to DIY using a couple of paint sample cans, or you can get large circle vinyl decals here and skip painting.

circle wall feature modern graphic accent wall, simple creative wall painting ideas
modern open circle painted wall design via Houzz

More circles, but these are spaced in a grid and left open in the center, a little more modern design!

Simple Pattern Wall Painting Ideas: Triangles

Triangles are a fun shape to mix up the square and rectangle surfaces of your home.

Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Kids Bedroom, Multicolor Triangle Arrow Zigzag Pattern, Remodelaholic UVPH15 H18
multicolor triangle arrow wall painting idea

These multicolor triangle arrows bring a lot of life and pattern to this girls bedroom!

triangle painted wall ideas, allover triangles simple wall painting design
multicolor triangle wall via Design Sponge

This multicolor triangle wall features about 8 different colors of equilateral (all the same size) triangles to fill the whole wall with rows of shapes.

interior painting ideas triangle stencil for simple wall painting mural
triangle feature wall via Cute Stencils

A stencil makes this repeating triangle wall painting design easy — and I love how they painted a few triangles different colors!

modern triangle accent wall with paint or vinyl decals, simple wall painting ideas
black and white small triangle wall design via Urban Walls

More triangles, different spacing!  This is another look that is so easy to put up (and take down later) by using triangle wall decals.

half square triangle pattern wall painting idea, simple quilt inspired ideas for painting walls
half square triangle pattern wall via Chasing Paper

This basic half square triangle painted wall reminds me of a quilt!

Love the quilt as wallpaper idea? Check out these patchwork wallpaper designs! 

graphic painted wall pattern tall triangles, simple wall painting ideas
tall triangle modern geometric wall mural via Styled Haven

Simple Pattern Wall Painting Ideas: Squares & Diamonds

It doesn’t get much simple than painting a square… but these square design wall painting ideas make a BIG impact!

gingham plaid or buffalo check painted accent wall, simple pattern wall painting ideas using squares
gingham plaid checker accent wall by Southern Hospitality

If you’re a fan of farmhouse, a gingham plaid accent wall (or buffalo check, if you prefer) will look great!

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Kids Room, Gray Taupe Griege Gingham Check Accent Wall Above Wainscoting, Remodelaholic UVPH19 H05
buffalo check wall painting idea above wainscoting

This little girls bedroom is so darling with the bunny ear headboard and the coordinating buffalo check wall painting above the (faux) wainscoting.

simple wall painting idea, small squares in silver for a powder room
small square wall painting idea via Houzz

A small pattern with a big impact: allover painted squares in metallic silver paint! Gives this small powder room a very high-end feeling.

diagonal squares argyle diamond plaid painted in several colors, creative wall painting ideas
argyle plaid diamond accent wall via Design Sponge

Use painter’s tape to create this diamond argyle plaid pattern in several colors — fun for a kids’ playroom or bedroom!

Diamond painted wall detail using washi tape or paint, simple creative wall painting ideas
diamond painted wall via Jenny Komenda/Little Green Notebook

This diamond pattern wall is another example of what you can do with washi tape on your walls — but it would be really easy to paint as well for longer durability.

A subtle pattern like this is a great wall painting idea for a living room, and it looks great behind the mirrors in this gorgeous bathroom below, too!

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Bathrooms, Diamond Tile Wall With Black Grout, Remodelaholic UVPH17 H04
diamond tile accent wall for bathroom backsplash wall

This white diamond tile with black grout looks so good, and could easily be duplicated with paint for a low-cost painted accent wall or bathroom backplash.

Creative Wall Painting Ideas, Square Pattern Design Motif Accent Wall, Remodelaholic UVPH18 H26
square wallpaper motif pattern

How about a square grid made up of smaller squares? This high impact wallpaper idea could be painted, stenciled, or stamped.

Creative Wall Painting Design Ideas, Black And White Grid Wallpaper, Remodelaholic UVPH18 H26
black wall with white square grid for nursery

A black wall will always be high impact — this white grid makes it extra great!

This could be stamped, stenciled, or drawn on using sharpie paint pens.

See the best black paint colors and how to use black in your home decor.

faux painted brick backsplash by Pudel Designs on Remodelaholic

Grab a wide foam brush and start painting your own faux brick wall!

Creative Wall Design Ideas, Brick Accent Wall Desk Nook, Remodelaholic UVPH18 H27
brick accent wall

Okay, this is a real brick wall but I think this look could be duplicated in paint by combining the painted subway tile backsplash technique with this faux aged brick painting technique.

Try it and let me know, eh?

Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas: Shapes

You can paint stripes and paint squares (above) — these other shapes look great and are easy wall painting ideas, too!

Hexagons and octagons are great geometric shapes to use in your decor and wall treatments.

easy wall painting idea, ombre blue hexagon wall
simple wall painting hexagon mural by For My Love Of on Remodelaholic

Learn how to measure and tape a full wall of hexagons following this tutorial here.

Simple Wall Painting Ideas For Kids Craft Room, Multicolor Hexagon Mural, Remodelaholic SGPH18 H20
hexagon stenciled wall for a craft room

Keep a geometric stencil interesting by only filling in part of the wall, like this hexagon accent wall.

Get a hexagon stencil like this here.

large graphic painted wall design, yellow octagon interlocking
large scale interlocking octagon stencil via Fauxology

For a large modern graphic wall design, these interlocking octagon rings are so fun!

simple wall painting idea, painter's tape and triangles geometric wall
modern geometric painted wall using painter’s tape by Signed by Tina

I’ve seen geometric tape art like this but I LOVE the idea of doing a wall!  Random geometric shapes in a couple of colors, using just painter’s tape.

geometric painter's tape dark line simple wall painting idea
geometric painter’s tape wall  via Design Sponge

The opposite of the above… dark lines where the paint had been!!

Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Bedrooms, Monochrome Black Gray Geometric Pattern Accent Wall Panel, Remodelaholic UVPH16 H19
geometric wall panel pattern

Recreate this geometric wall panel pattern using the same painter’s tape technique, but use thinner tape to minimize the lines between.

Check out our favorite decorative wall panels here.

creative painting ideas, large star stencil wall for girls bedroom nursery
large star painted wall pattern, original source unknown

This very large scale stencil of pink stars makes a big statement in this cute baby girls’ nursery.

Stenciled Star Wall And Moon Creative Wall Painting Ideas Honey Built Home Featured On Remodelaholic
star and moon stenciled wall design idea by Honey Built Home

For a truly starry outlook on your painted walls… stencil stars AND and moon!

I am so in love with this whole painted wall idea by Honey Built Home. The dark blue color blocking on the top of the wall stenciled with stars and that huge moon in the corner — aah, I love it.

Creative Simple Wall Painting Ideas, Black And White Monochrome Flag Wall Mural, Remodelaholic SGPH17 H24
black and white flag painted wall mural

Combine the stenciled stars with some thick black and white stripes for a large painted flag wall mural.

Creative Painting Ideas For Walls, Multicolor Geometric Painted Wallpaper Mural, Remodelaholic SGPH18 H27
multicolor geometric painted wallpaper

This modern 3d style wallpaper reminds me of tetris!

We found the wallpaper here and a similar style stencil here.

Next page: chalkboard and typography walls –>

Chalkboard And Typography Wall Paint Ideas From Remodelaholic Thumbnail

page 1: striped and wavy walls
page 2: ombre/colorwash/colorblock walls
page 3: stenciled walls and faux wallpaper
page 4: faux painted molding
page 5: murals and artsy walls
page 6: patterned and geometric walls
page 7: chalkboard and typography accent wall ideas
page 8: ceilings

Patterned And Geometric Wall Paint Ideas From Remodelaholic

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  2. There are number of options using which you can give you walls a extravagant and merriment look. You can opt for a cool starburst shaped ombre wall, or you can also go for wall stenciling with a roller. If you like nature you can also go for painting a simple cherry blossom branch on the wall. Moreover, there are various other options such as a Freehand stripes, horizontal and vertical stripes. However, I would prefer that you avail the services of a Professional Interior Designer, as they possess knowledge of latest market trends, and a better Idea of what materials and design suit your home.