5 No Heat Hairstyles

no heat haristyles


In case you haven’t heard, no heat hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. It’s common knowledge that using any type of heat to style your hair is damaging. But you don’t have to show up with the same, undone, hair everyday just because you’re trying to avoid head. No heat hairstyles can look just as great as those that use heat tools.

5 No Heat Hairstyles

There are so many fun and different braids to choose from. French braid, fishtail braid, side braid, milkbraid, the possibilities are endless and there are thousands of tutorials out there.

Buns & Topknots
One of the quickest no heat hairstyles is the bun, also know as the topknot. These can be done to look professional and neat for work or messy and quirky for lunch with your girlfriends. Want to add a little extra personality? Add flowers or rhinestone encrusted bobby pins.

No Heat Curls
There are so many different ways to curl hair without heat. One favorite is to simply divide your hair into about four sections (depending on your hairs thickness and length) and twist it until it starts to curl onto itself. Secure it with pins or clips, sleep on it and in the morning ta-da: no heat curls!

Go Natural
There’s nothing wrong with wearing your hair natural. Whether you have gorgeous curls or sleek straight hair, going with your natural look can look just as good as any other style. Add a little product specifically made to tame or enhance our hairtype and you’re good to go.

When you think of a ponytail, you think of the typical slicked back, get this hair our of my face ponytail. However, just like braids there are several types of ponytails. Low, side ponytails or a ponytail combined with some no-heat curls can jazz up any boring hair styling routine.

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