6 Ways to Use Crates in Decor


What comes to mind when you think of a crate? A slatted wooden case used for transporting food and other things, right? Well, the humble crate can be used for so much more, especially in your home. They are great for adding organization, a new purpose to an abandoned corner, or just adding some interest to an empty wall. Read to find 6 cool ways to use crates in decor.


1. Crates as Kitchen Cabinets (picture: slide 1)

Sure, you could use regular cabinets for your kitchen, but if you’re aiming for a whimsical, country look, swapping out your upper cabinets for crates could be a cool way to achieve that look. Or it could be a fun temporary fix while you’re saving up for a full scale kitchen reno.


2. Crates as Bookshelves (pictures: slide 2  and slide 3)

This is probably the most common use of crates in decor. The design of a crate lends itself well to the function of a bookshelf. Just stack them or hammer them into a wall and then fill them with books. Take a step further and paint the crates in a color that you love and arrange them on the wall to act as a large scale art. Here’s another great example of crates as bookshelves.


3. Crates as Bathroom Organization (picture: slide 4)

Some people put up a cabinet or a couple of shelves above the toilet in their bathroom, but what about putting up a couple of crates? Use that space for storing your toilet paper, cotton balls, ear swabs, or simply pretty things you want to show off. You could also stack a couple of crates to hold rolled up towels for your guests, like this.


4. Crates as Shoe Storage (picture: slide 5)

Shoes by the front door have a way of multiplying and getting out of control. Corral all of your shoes in baskets and put them in crates that are stacked on top of each other. This is an easy way to add both organization and style to your entry!


5. Crates as Portable Storage (picture: slide 6)

Find a couple of casters at your local home improvement store and screw them into the bottom of your crates. This is an easy way to create a storage solution that you can move from room to room as needed. This could be a fun toy storage for your kids, for instance. Or as a magazine storage solution.


6. Crates as a Coffee Table (picture: slide 7)

Take a large piece of plywood, screw in four casters on the bottom and four crates on the top, fill in the hole in the middle created by the casters with rocks, and then stain the whole thing, Put a plant in a pot in the middle and you’ve got yourself a nice-looking coffee table with lots of function and charm.


Now that you’re full of ideas of how to use wooden crates, you might be wondering where you can find them. Home Depot and JoAnn sells brand new crates for around $12 each and then you can stain them darker. Or you could search through Etsy for reclaimed crates that are already stained and worn out to perfection. However, if you would like to grab them for free, ask your local wine store to score you a couple of wooden crates, which they tend to receive during the months of November and December. Craig’s List is another good source.


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