Easy Rolling Wire Baskets for Storage

How to make your own rolling wire storage bins - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

I love easy and stylish organizing ideas, and today’s easy rolling wire baskets from our guest will take you, oh, about 5 minutes. Everything is better with wheels, am I right? Take for example

underbed storage (build these crates here or put casters on some old dresser drawers)

rolling underbed storage crates

miscellaneous household storage (see this here)

rolling antique crate

magazine storage like this simple DIY trolley

diy magazine trolley from cutting board

or even your kitchen table! This table is perfect for us since we are kinda perpetually remodeling somewhere so we don’t always get to eat in the kitchen…

knocktoberfest knock off table island pottery barn inspired-10

or you can add wheels and a lower support and make a great rolling island to function as a laundry folding table, craft table, or whatever else you need. 

How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for remodelaholic.com

So, now that you’re ready to add wheels to all the things, here’s our lovely guest Heather to show you a quick and easy way to make your own easily portable wire storage bin:

Easy Rolling Wire Baskets
by Heather from The Heathered Nest

Hello DIY’ing ladies, and Remodelaholic gentlemen.  Me llamo Heather.  My husband Dave and I blog at The Heathered Nest.  What I’d like to share with you today is not a new idea…rolling storage bins are very trendy right now.  BUT, perhaps this method is a bit of a novel approach to assembling one of these little gems.  This project will take you five minutes, and you can do it without a single tool.  Not bad, right?!

how to make your own rolling wire storage bins - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

Let’s Do This!


  • Wire storage bin/basket…any shape, any size you fancy
  • Casters
  • Zip Ties, AKA Nylon Cable Ties
  • Scissors


We started with this.  It’s an extra large storage basket I found at Target.  Great because it holds lots of junk…or treasures, depending on who in our house you ask.
rolling wire basket how-to - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

Now that you have your wire bin, grab those zip ties.  If you don’t have any, seriously, run, do not walk to the store (Home Depot, Lowes…or if you’re lazy like me, sit on your couch and order on Amazon) and grab some…these things are SO handy for all kinds of stuff!

diy rolling wire basket tutorial - The Heathered Nest on @RemodelaholicNext you’ll need your casters.  We used 2″ ones for our extra large bin, but your size may vary depending on how large or small your wire bin is.  I highly recommend using swivel casters, which will make rolling these around a lot easier.
casters for inexpensive rolling wire baskets - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic
All that needs to be done now is to zip tie the casters onto the bottom of your wire basket.
use casters to make your own rolling wire baskets - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

Use two zip ties per caster, and make sure when you tighten the zip tie down that it’s not going to interfere with the movement of the swiveling wheel.  Once you pull these things tightly, those casters won’t be going anywhere.  Use scissors to clip off the excess zip tie material, and…

diy rolling wire bin tutorial - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

You’re done!!  Literally one minute per caster!

I chose to spruce the bin up a bit more with a little labeling (extraneous, yes.  I am working through my obsessive need to label, but I haven’t made too much progress).  I got some mini-picture frames at the Dollar Store.
diy chalkboard painted labels for rolling wire bins - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic
Sprayed the glass with some chalkboard paint, then used my scissors to cut two small holes in the back of the frame (the cardboard piece that you remove in order to put the picture inside the frame). Using a couple more of your handy zip ties, attach the frame to the wire basket.  Image below is the zip tie placed through one side of the back piece of the frame.  Fish the other end of the tie through the other hole.
how to attach chalkboard labels to wire bins - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

Below is how the frame will look, once installed with the zip tie, from the inside of the basket.

use a rolling wire basket to organize sports gear and toys - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic
Then, label to your hearts content…and the great thing about chalkboard paint….YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND/LABEL anytime you want!
diy rolling wire bins with chalkboard labels made from picture frames - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic
And with that, you’ve added some stylish and functional storage to your home.
rolling wire bin for toy storage - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic

Isn’t organization lovely?

how to make your own wire baskets on wheels - The Heathered Nest on @Remodelaholic
Heather, from The Heathered Nest


Heather, thank you so much for sharing your cute and easy idea with us today!

Remodelaholics, hop over to The Heathered Nest to see more from Heather, like her daughter’s gorgeous room (which used to be smurf blue, no joke!) and be sure to check out the awesome ceiling in her lovely guest room!

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