Affordable Elegance: DIY Wall Projects to Admire!

Are you tired of staring at bare, dull walls in your home? Want to spruce up your space without breaking the bank? Look no further! Because we’re about to embark on a journey of creativity and style, proving that a touch of sophistication doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice exploring the world of crafting, these projects promise to add a touch of glamour to your walls without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive into the realm of affordable elegance and discover how a dash of creativity can elevate your home decor. Get those crafting supplies ready, and let the transformation begin!

Customizable Farmhouse Monogram Art Prints

1 Custom Printable Farmhouse Monogram Wreath Print Set 3 050148
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

This printable set can be edited, to include your details. Make one of these for a friend who is moving houses or newly married, or print one for your own home. Find the farmhouse monogram prints here.

License Plate Map

2 License Plate Map For Wall Art By By Blue I Style Featured On Remodelaholic 050140
Photo Credit: Blue I Style for Remodelaholic.

This diy project was inspired by a pricey piece from uncommon goods, but you can recreate it for about $125 and save literally thousands of dollars on your wall decorations. Learn how to make a license plate map here.

Green Pencil Wall Art Printable

3a Free Printable Graphic Abstract Pencils AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic Horizontal 050132
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

Grab this printable abstract wall art to add a unique touch to your space that looks great and is budget friendly. Get the green pencil abstract art print here.

Gallery Wall of Kids Art

4a Childrens Art Gallery Wall Featured On Remodelaholic 050124
Photo Credit: Echoes of Laughter for Remodelaholic.

If your kids or grandkids love to make art and share it, why not use it to make a personalized gallery wall? This idea is adorable and easy, and of course, your results will be one of a kind! Learn how to recreate your own kid art gallery wall here.

Pottery Barn Inspired Wall Art

Rooms For Rent Inquire Within Sign 050156
Photo Credit: Three Mango Seeds for Remodelaholic.

Make this dupe of a popular pottery barn sign for your house. This easy DIY project will add the perfect touch to your charming house! Learn how to make this pottery inspired wall art here.

Enjoy the Ride Printable Wall Art

7a Enjoy The Ride Printable Bicycle Graphic Wall Art AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic 050117
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

If you need a simple statement for your space, grab this printable. It features a bicycle and a sweet message for a great statement accent. Grab your enjoy the ride printable here.

Free Wall Art Elephant Printable

8a Elephant Prints By Paperelli For Remodelaholic 050110
Photo Credit: Paperelli for Remodelaholic.

This elephant art set looks gorgeous! You are going to want to grab this free printable to add style to your walls without having to spend any cash achieving such a great look. Find the elephant wall art printable here.

Silhouette Wall Art Tutorial

9 Silhouette Art 050108
Photo Credit: Sisters of the Wild West for Remodelaholic.

This silhouette art project is going to look so nice on your wall! You won’t believe how easy or budget friendly this stunning wall art idea is. Learn how to make your own silhouette wall art here.

Wood Burned Driftwood Wall Art

10 Wood Burn Art 050100
Photo Credit: Dream Book Design for Remodelaholic.

Use reclaimed wood, or driftwood to make this wall art; you can go with the phrase they used in this project, or select your own wording to wood burn. Either way, you are going to be so proud of the final results. Learn how to make this driftwood art here.

Large Wall Art Gallery Using Engineer Prints

11a Large Wall Decor Gallery Wall Using Engineer Prints Home Stories A To Z 050053
Photo Credit: Home Stories A to Z for Remodelaholic.

This idea makes it affordable to get large prints for a gallery wall. You are going to want to get this tip to add a personal statement to your walls in a larger than life way. Find out how to make large wall art galleries here.

Black and White Art for Gallery Walls

12 Printable Black And White Art Prints For Home Decor Gallery Wall Remodelaholic Wm 050046
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

If you are working on a gallery wall for your home, then grab these art prints right away! They are black and white and gorgeous to fill in the spaces in your gallery wall art display! Get a set of black and white prints here.

Concrete Photo Frames

1 Diy Concrete Picture Frame 041930
Photo Credit: A Piece of the Rainbow for Remodelaholic.

If you are printing some of the gorgeous options mentioned above, you might want to make a few of these concrete frames. They will add a stunning industrial look to your space for a budget friendly accent. Learn how to make these concrete frames here.

Sliding Picture Ledge Shelves

Fill An Empty Wall Quickly With 20 DIY Sliding Picture Frame Ledges Remodelaholic 041445
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

These sliding picture ledge shelves are going to look great hanging in the hallway of your house. They are the perfect place to display your favorite photos and cost under $20 to make.

Wooden Arrow Wall Art

wooden wall arrows decor 3 chevrons in a row
Photo Credit: Construction 2 Style for Remodelaholic.

Make these wooden wall arrows with scrap wood to add a stunning statement piece on a budget. These are going to look perfect in a kids room, or even in your family room. Learn how to make wooden wall arrows here.

Wood Stick Arrow Ornaments

15a Wood Stick Ornametnts 050027
Photo Credit: 4 Men 1 Lady for Remodelaholic.

Start with wood shims and end up with the cutest wooden arrow ornaments. Decorate the tree with these, or hang them around the house for a fun diy decoration. Learn how to make these arrow ornaments here.

Colorful Wall Art Printables for Spring and Year-Round Decorating

Blue And Turquoise Hand Drawn Feather Prints For Home Decor Remodelaholic 450x275 (1)
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Add some colorful wall art for spring or summer with this collection of printable wall art, including floral prints, watercolors, calendars, and monograms. 

Printable Wall Art: White Flower Watercolor Floral Print

Free Printable Graphic AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic Horizontal 450x327 (1)
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

A beautiful and neutral watercolor floral print that can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your home. Simply print off and enjoy this gorgeous watercolor flower artwork

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