Pretty in Pink! Blush Pink Bedroom Inspiration

Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. As the temperature continues to drop and the days get shorter, I find myself drawn to cozy decor and warmer hues. So it may not be too surprising that this month I decided to put together a warm, cozy, and relaxing bedroom moodboard using soft, warm tones— most notably: blush pink!

Blush Pink Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Mood board, decorating ideas, and tips for a blush pink bedroom.

I haven’t always been a ‘pink’ person, but I have to say, lately I’ve really been digging the resurgence of blush pink (or Millennial Pink if that’s your jam). Especially when paired with rich, warm gold or brass accents. I just can’t get enough! Inspired by this beautiful hue, here is what I came up with for my fictitious blush bedroom:

Blush Pink Bedroom Decor

Mood Board

Blush Bedroom Mood Board Sources

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Bed  |  Duvet  |  Wall Hanging  |  Clock

Curtains  |  Fiddle Leaf Fig  |  Hanging Planter

Chair  |  Rug  |  Globe Pendant Light  |  Brass Accent Table

Tips for a Beautiful Blush Pink Bedroom

Here are a few tips for pulling together a beautiful and cozy blush bedroom that you’ll love:

Opt for high end finishes.

One of the things that I believe always held me back from embracing pink tones is that it can tend to look a bit childish. And in the past, pink certainly has been the color primarily associated with all things “little girl”. That being said, with the surge in popularity of Millennial Pink, a whole new range of options have sprung up that don’t look childish at all. Far from it! I think the secret here is to opt for higher end finishes that have a sophisticated touch… and maybe pass on the plastic, at least in this hue.

Lots and lots of texture.

Speaking of plastic, texture is your best friend when it comes to a grown-up pink palette. Get as far away from that Barbie pink plastic look as possible by choosing pieces with lots of depth and texture that are as fun to touch as they are to look at. The woven wall hanging and the tufted bedding in my moodboard are great examples of how lots of texture can make pink very chic.

Warm all the way around.

Like I mentioned, I’m especially drawn to pink when its warm tones are fully embraced and it’s paired with gold, copper, or brass metals along with rich wood tones. While pairing pinks with cooler colors, like blues or greens, can certainly work, that color combo is definitely going to pull out the blue undertones in the pink, making them appear cooler and pinker— more in line with that nursery color we all know. Sometimes that works, and can look really great (there are a few examples with blue tones below), but if you’re going for the blush, coral, warm pink hue, keeping the accessories warm or neutral is the way to go!

If you like the moodboard I put together, here are a few more blush bedroom inspiration ideas that I’ve gathered up for you!

Blush Pink Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Mood board, decorating ideas, and tips for a blush pink bedroom.

Blush Bedroom Inspiration

Blush Bedroom Inspiration 5
Image Source: 100 Layer Cake | Photo Credit: Scott Clark Photo 
Blush Bedroom Inspriation 11
Image Source: Murals Wallpaper
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 2
Image Source: Avenue Lifestyle | Photo Credit: Holly Marder
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 10
Image Source: Craftifair | Photo Credit: Antonia Schmitz
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 3
Image Source: Treasures & Travels
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 8
Image Source: Urban Outfitters 
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 4
Image Source: oh.eight.oh.nine via Instagram | Photo Credit: Tarina Lyell
37826898 065 B
Image Source: Urban Outfitters 
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 9
Image Source: Sherwin-Williams via Instagram
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 1
Image Source: CB2 
Blush Bedroom Inspiration 7
Image Source: Adore Magazine 


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