Colorful Home Office Decorating Ideas

A home office doesn’t have to be boring! Add in a dose of color with this inspiration for colorful office decorating ideas.

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Colorful and Inspiring Home Office Decor

Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. This month, I thought I’d tackle a room that may be neglected dec0r-wise, due to it’s more utilitarian nature: the home office.

Create a chic and colorful home office with these decorating tips, inspiration, and furniture and decor selections.

I’m a person who loves color, and I draw lots of inspiration from being surrounded by it. So for this home office moodboard, I decided a colorful and inspiring space was the way to go. Here’s what I came up with:

Colorful Home Office Mood Board: Create a chic and colorful home office with these decorating tips, inspiration, and furniture and decor selections.

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Below, we’ve rounded up similar or identical items from this space to help you achieve a similar look in your own home. Simply click any of the images below to learn more about each item. You may have to double-tap on mobile.

Like I mentioned, I find color super inspirational, and working in a creative field, I prefer to surround myself with it as much as possible. However, I also know that color can be overwhelming, and it’s important to keep things organized so it doesn’t look disjointed and random.

Tips for a Colorful Office

Here are a few tips for pulling together a colorful office that provides loads of creative inspiration:

Choose colors you love.

This may seem obvious, but you don’t have to plaster your space with every color of the rainbow to make it colorful. Similarly, while the examples here are on the brighter end of the spectrum, muted colors can be just as inspirational and may fit your work style better than vivid hues.

Find at least one piece that ties things together.

Having a space with lots of different colors can be fun, but it can also come across as cluttered or disorganized if you aren’t careful. My biggest tip for creating colorful spaces is to find at least one (preferably large) element in the space that contains all of the main colors you’re using throughout the decor. One easy way to do this is with a rug. With so many options out there, it’s an easy way to tie everything together. Other options might be a blanket or quilt, or large, colorful artwork.

Add some life to the space.

Looking through each of these examples, one thing that they all contain that many people might overlook is plant life. I’m a big advocate for adding plants to any space, but especially in a very colorful space, adding living elements can keep things from feeling too childish. Literally and figuratively, plants can be a breath of fresh air!

If you like the moodboard I put together, here are a few more colorful office inspiration ideas that I’ve gathered up for you!

Colorful Office Inspiration

Take a look at some more inspiring spaces to get an idea of how to set up your own office. So many beautiful colorful office decorating ideas to get your brain working.

colorful storage shelves in home office
Image Source: The Crafted Life | Photo Credit: Rachel Smith
How to decorate an office with color
Image Source: Honestly WTF | Photo Credit: Jen Kay 
Colorful Home Office Inspiration
Image Source: Little Big Bell 
Colorful home office with pink
Image Source: Oh Joy | Photo Credit: Casey Brodley 
Designing a home office with colorful decor
Image Source: Historias de Casa 
Colorful Home Office Inspiration
Image Source: Hannah Blackmore Photography | Photo Credit: Hannah Blackmore
Colorful Home Office Inspiration
Image Source: Hannah Blackmore Photography | Photo Credit: Hannah Blackmore
Colorful Home Office Inspiration
Image Source: Design Love Fest | Photo Credit: Jessie Webster

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