25+ Creative DIY Curtain Rod Tutorials

DIY Industrial Curtain Rods

DIY Industrial Curtain Rod Tutorials on Remodelaholic.com #AllThingsWindows #curtains #hardware #industrial

Industrial style curtains rods are in style right now, and can fit with a full industrial style, a more modern sleek style, a rustic style, or pretty much anywhere in between, actually…

Electrical conduit makes for a really inexpensive DIY curtain rod, as shown by Love and Renovations here on Remodelaholic.

industrial conduit curtain rod via Remodelaholic

And Colleen from Lemon Thistle used salvaged copper pipe and extra pieces to make this chic copper curtain rod for just a touch of metal industrial style, shared yesterday here for #AllThingsWindows!

upcycled copper pipe curtain rod and finial, Lemon Thistle on Remodelaholic

For a very obviously industrial look, just change up the mounting hardware and finial style like this:

industrial pipe curtain rod Hi Sugarplum via Remodelaholic
industrial pipe curtain rod – Hi Sugarplum

or use some vintage corbels and attach your industrial curtain rod for a lovely salvaged look:

industrial curtain rod with corbels Cottage Elements via Remodelaholic
industrial curtain rod with corbels – Cottage Elements

Make the industrial look much more budget friendly by using PVC! (Yes, that is plastic painted pipe! See more awesome PVC projects here.)

industrial curtain rod from pvc Our Vintage Home Love via Remodelaholic
industrial curtain rod from PVC – Our Vintage Home Love



Create Your Own Traditional Style Curtain Rod — And Save Money!

Budget-Friendly DIY Curtain Rods via Remodelaholic.com #AllThingsWindows

Even if unique or industrial aren’t your style, you can still DIY a curtain rod and save some cash! Especially if you have an odd-sized or extra-wide window, save the money you’d spend on custom drapery rods and make it yourself. And there are lots of options for great looks!

While They Snooze shows you how to make an easy curtain rod shelf — hold your curtains and some decor!

While They Snooze diy curtain shelf via Remodelaholic

Red Fly Creations used electrical conduit and some thrifted finials (plus a smart trick for attaching the finials to the hollow metal rod).

diy curtain rod Red Fly Creations via Remodelaholic

House of Hepworths also used electrical conduit and some IKEA finials:

diy curtain rod House of Hepworths via Remodelaholic

The Shabby Creek Cottage created this curtain rod with some wall hooks, a wooden dowel, and some craft store wooden finials (and paint, obviously).

diy curtain rod Shabby Creek Cottage via Remodelaholic

Similarly, Stephanie Lynn used a wooden dowel and finials, plus some wood corbels for this look:

diy curtain rod Stephanie Lynn via Remodelaholic

Or you could use an actual rod bracket (inexpensive at the hardware store) and a dowel and different style of finals for this style that Thistlewood Farms featured in her home:

diy curtain rod Thistlewood Farms via Remodelaholic

Diane over at In My Own Style used PVC pipe to and finials to make this curtain rod:

diy curtain rod In My Own Style via Remodelaholic

or she flexed her creative muscle and used a tennis ball to make the finials on this one!

tennis ball curtain rod finial In My Own Style via Remodelaholic

And last but not least… one of the smartest curtain rod tricks I’ve seen, especially for renters: use a large adhesive wall hook to hold up your curtain rod! Found over at In a Nutshell.

Living in a Nutshell adhesive wall hooks to hang curtain rods via Remodelaholic


See more creative DIY curtain rods on the other page –>

DIY Curtain Rods on Remodelaholic.com #AllThingsWindows #curtains #budgetfriendly

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  1. I have 2 windows next to each other that I wanted to drape as one, but it is really wide. The rods were so expensive, so I used electrical conduit for pennies…oh, ok. a couple of bucks. I painted them black and bought finials. They were a tiny bit big so used black electrical tape to make it fit. Perfect for less!

    1. Collections.com has a package of 8 Instant up curtain rod holders that I just bought for one room (item #22368)