Easiest Gift Wrapping Center EVER!

I’ve been thinking about easy projects.  Crazy I know…

While it is fun to rip out a wall, and there are times for that.  There are times where we just want to survive and live in our home without demolishing things… (can you believe this Remodelaholic just said that?!  After our huge remodel, I believe me!)  Instead, I’ve been thinking about organizing.

Super Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Center -- 5 minutes and $20 or less!

So I was at the Home Depot, one of my favorite hangouts… and I saw a tool organizer for your wall and I thought, you could do so many things with that, why not a gift wrapping center.  I had to try it out.  And this might just be the easiest DIY project you’ve ever done if you try it.

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clamp for wall

How to Make an Easy Gift Wrapping Center


I told you this project was going to be easy!

To begin, decide on a spot to hang your clamp organizer.  Mine happen to line up perfectly with studs, so I didn’t need anchors.  If you need anchors, the clamp comes with 2 screws and 2 anchors.  I even made a fun little video to show you how easy it is!  The work mostly comes just from collecting your supplies into one cute location.

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If you wanted, you could absolutely spray paint the organizer to be a different color, but I truly wanted this to be the easiest project you’ve done.  Open a box, hang it and put your stuff away.


Here are some quick shots of the room:

A little before and after:

1 Super Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Center @remodelaholic (5 of 20)

The desk has been my mom’s sewing desk for most of my life (and it was part of my aunt’s childhood bedroom) and the chair — my sister found it on the side of the road and thought of me!

Super Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Center @remodelaholic (15 of 20)

Why not let your cute gift tags be on display.  I took a small memo board and pinned a couple pushpins in to hold a couple gift tags — print some free ones below, pick up some pretty gold ones like these or some wood slice ones like mine here (which I love so much I may never use them 😉 .  A small decorative bowl holds the cute washi tapes that would make a gift (or gift card) even more exciting.  Of course you need some tape and scissors.  For some bling I have a couple gold sharpies.

Super Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Center @remodelaholic (14 of 20)

A small basket (from Target) corrals tissue paper, gift bags and simple ribbons. The desk organizer and bowl are also from Target, the Nate Berkus line, and the gift wrap as well (though I don’t see it online).

5 minutes and $20 (or less) is all you need to set up an easy DIY gift wrapping center, just in time for holiday gift giving!

What easy projects have you been working on lately?



Really cute FREE printable gits tags perfect for your wrapping center!


More FREE garden gift tags for your friends!


We don’t want to spend a fortune on wrapping paper.  Try these Upcycle Gift Wrapping Ideas.

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