Fresh Blue Look For An Old Buffet

Submitted By The Salvage Collection


the few of you who actually read what i write know that i’m emBOLDening my pieces with coluh whether it’s what buyers are buyin’ or not.  mostly not… but, still no white, no way.


but that post was  a f t e r i had finished the buffet formerly known as “the treasure chest” or “brown blob barfy blah” or “the piethe that theriouthly tried to dethtroy my thumb.  so this guy isn’t exactly blazing bright in coluh so i embellished him with some kuh-noberiffic BAM!
you’ll notice that the “acKnowledge the K kampaign” is still moving right along.  the new president is talking to the wall street protestors to see if we can kill two birds with one stone.
yes, that’s a lot of back linking for those of you that need to catch up on ‘da haps here but…you snooze, you lose…right, gwendolyn?  just go ahead back through  A L L  of those fine posts and we’ll wait right the heck here for you.
go on….hurry off with you!  shoo, now!
ho-dee-do-dee-hum-dee-dum…isn’t this just dandy and fun? (i haven’t poeted in awhile, have i?)
back already?  oh, i see.  you’re a “skimmer”.
no, really, it’s okay.  my babbles and rambles are not worth your time anyway.  no hurt feelings. not a one.  (sniff.  wipe.)
movin’ on….let’s briefly review in case the… um, skimmers did not fully absorb blob’s history.
here’s the “before” photo of the freebie blob of a buffet that my mom, the snarly pooch and i plucked up in a shady-upholstered-furniture-on-da-porch-‘hood ’round philadelphia:

…after two coats of citracrap….

…after two JUGS of citracrap….

yes, that woodgrain is GORGEOUS but not nearly the stainable kind of gorgeous.  too pocky and pokey for a clean look so out came the paint.
excuse me?  YOU would’ve made it work?  really?
see?  see those filled spots?  see what i mean?  oh, yeah?  we’ll just see about that when you happen to find your own FREE mahogany buffet — that devours TWO jugs of stripper– and shoot for the stain.

for those of you still reading….thanks.  we’ll mosey on now.
i hate predictability as much as the next blogger but…it was ASCP for me.  again.  it’s just so darn easy to layer and…
i’ll shut up now and just show you the pics ‘cuz you’re probably gonna just scroll down to them anyway, miss “i’ve-got-cookies-to-bake-and-gifts-to-wrap”.

no, it’s not really a blue kinda blue.  the sun was setting and i still just twist and twirl the knobs on my camera with the hope that magic would take over.

i’m old enough to know better.

the color is a blend of a blend of a blend of paris gray, old white, aubusson blue and emperor’s silk.

in an effort to maintain my status as “predictable”, the knobs were on sale for $2.95 at anthropologie.  if you don’t already hate me, read this post.

it–accidentally–was not a bold enough color for me so i blew a bit of bold into it with the orangey-red-hot-momma-knobs.

mr. macguyver is not on board with this flava-flave of bold spiciness, yet.

yepperoo, this buffet is a keeper so the  kuh-nobsplorationis on.  can i find something we both love for $2.95 or less per knob???

my macguyver husband is not too keen on the riotous red kuh-nobs so i pulled out some anthro sale loot (click here, newbie) to see if i could drift down the path ‘o dullness.

yes, you can share your opinion, too, though i’ll be more open to it if you speak it in rhyme.  just for fun.  since you’re not doing anything else with your day and we haven’t done much in the way ‘o rhyme here of late.
in the meantime, THAR HE BLOWS….



so, whatcha think?  do the dullards to it justice….

or shall we boogie on back to the riotous red ravens???
what’s it gonna be, girl….yes or no? bright or bleary?  red or reserved?  deep or dull?  staid or severe?  bloody or bleak?
yes, i could go on.  and on….but my narcolepsy is a-kuh-nocking at my eye-lids so i’ve gotta hustle and bustle back to my real life.
hasta luego, amigos!  meet me on my Facebook page if you want a preview of the mildly mod version of this barrel chested buffet.
… and i won’t hate you if you like me while you’re there.
hasta luego, mi amigos.  (thank you, mr. pagano…. espanol dos is paying off.)

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I am the husband of the amazing Cassity of Remodelaholic. I love to problem solve and to design and build things inside and outside the house to make life better. I am a professional Landscape Architect by trade and love the outdoors.

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  1. I think you’re hilarious, that’s what I think! Either way is fine (the knobs, durrrr!). Kinda depends on the statement you want-ish. Do you want “Girl, look at that body” or “Every day I’m shufflin’?” Excuse me, I now have to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!

  2. omg what did you do? you mixed up a shade of blue!i dont know why your hubby knocks it, i think red knobs really rocks it!

  3. What Happened????????????
    YOU JUST TOOK THIS BAACKKK…From FAB TO DRAB…Everybody would finish those off with tht silver knobs.THE RED-ORANGE JUST GAVE IT SUCH PIZZAZZ!!!



  4. okay, OKAYYYYY! the red knobs are back so stop your whinnying and ALL-CAP shrieking at me! sorry, my dull friends… life’s too short for bland…

    or is it?

    interestingly, this buffet is for sale in my etsy shop and all inquiries ask that the red kuh-nobs be replaced! do we only love the bold until we invite it into our own home?

    kuh-nobs are from anthropologie…on sale for $2.95 last fall. sorry–you missed out.

    thanks for the honest–and funny!–comments!!

  5. The red knobs look great, but if I were to have it in my home, I’d change them to glass knobs. It’s a beautiful piece, and as fun as the red knobs are, you notice the knobs and not the design of the buffet. But that’s the great thing about knobs…they can be changed to suit anyone’s personality and design style.

    1. Absolutely, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. I don’t mind if people don’t agree, and I have posted those, but I will not post outright rude comments.