Gold and Blue Dollar Store Christmas Tree Decorating + 3 Money-Saving Christmas Tree Hacks

How much do you spend on Christmas tree ornaments and decorating every year? We love coming up with new ways to decorate a Christmas tree on a budget and today’s dollar store Christmas tree marks our third year of decorating our large tree with *only* our Dollar Tree haul! Previously we’ve done a classic red and gold Christmas tree, and a wintry white and silver Christmas tree — all with dollar store ornaments (and a few other money-saving Christmas tree hacks). This year we cheated a *tiny* bit and hit up the dollar section at Walmart to add a few more ornaments to our gold and blue dollar store Christmas tree:

Save money by decorating your Christmas with an affordable Dollar Tree haul! This is our third dollar store Christmas tree, and this gold and blue tree decor also features some of our favorite money-saving Christmas tree decorating hacks. #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

Check out the video and let us know what you think! We’ve caught the holiday cheer bug early and have been video-ing up a storm to show you some new decorating ideas! (See last week’s Nutcracker Christmas Tree here, and our easy bigger Thanksgiving dining table hack here.) Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our new videos every week — we’ve still got a ton of great Christmas ideas to share, and some really fun new projects for 2019 planned, too!


How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Christmas Tree

Since we decorate a couple of Christmas trees every year, we spend a lot of time thinking about the color scheme and general theme of our trees. We’ve done some more traditionally colored trees, like black and gold, but since this year we wanted to try blue, we decided that what makes it shout CHRISTMAS! to us is pairing our non-traditional color with a traditional Christmas color. So, blue got matched up with gold and I’m loving it! (Just don’t sway into the goldenrod or you’ll look more like a Boy Scout tree instead of Christmas!) Plus, for future, you can just swap out your accent color and keep the other color, whether that’s gold or silver or green or whatever you decide to use — we reused some of the gold decorations from our red and gold tree this year.

Read more: Decorating with Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Under $50 | This gold and blue Christmas tree is decorated with *only* dollar (or less) ornaments from Dollar Tree! #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

Gold and Blue Dollar Store Christmas Tree

To decorate our dollar store Christmas tree in gold and blue this year, we used:

  • 1 blue tinsel wreath + 1 gold star for the topper
  • 3 rolls of gold mesh ribbon (left over from our gold and red tree)
  • 1 roll of blue crepe paper streamers (50 cents total!)
  • 7 gold picks
  • 6 gold poinsettia clips + 5 blue poinsettia clips (that’s my cheat… those are 98 cents at Walmart instead of from the Dollar Tree 😉
  • 3 large stars (spray painted from silver to blue), just tucked in the branches
  • 6 large round globe ornaments
  • 10 blue glitter lightbulb ornaments (50 cents each, woohoo!)
  • 5 blue butterfly clips (from Walmart, $1.49 each) — these are not traditionally Christmas at all but they were the perfect addition!
  • 5 blue and gold mini nutcracker figurines
  • 5 sparkly blue clip-on birds — which actually inspired the whole tree
  • 20 small snowflake ornaments ($3 for the pack at Walmart)
  • 6 sparkly gold church ornaments
  • and then a bunch of smaller gold ball ornaments left over from previous years

For a grand total of around $55-60 in decorations — a couple bucks more if we had purchased new what we reused from our last gold tree. And we have a BIG tree (I think it’s 8.5 feet) AND I like a *lot* of ornaments — so a smaller tree with fewer ornaments would cost even less!

And did you notice that our gold tree decor matches our gold mantel decor, too? I’m so glad gold is back in style, especially at Christmas time!

Decorate a gold and blue dollar store Christmas tree for under $50 -- plus 3 easy tricks for saving money while decorating your Christmas tree. #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

Money-Saving Christmas Tree Tricks

Whether you’re just getting started with your very first Christmas tree, or looking to change up your Christmas tree theme and decor without spending a lot of money, we have some tricks for decorating a beautiful tree AND still having money left to put presents underneath! (Watch the video for more details on each of these.)

Christmas Tree Hack #1: Use a blanket instead of a tree skirt.

We love these plush fleece blankets and have them all over our house, in all sorts of colors, and it makes for the easiest Christmas tree skirt! Just fluff it up around the bottom of the tree (like our DIY plush tree skirt) and you’re all set! No paying a bundle for a fancy Christmas tree skirt and then needing to store it and press it before using it next year.

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Under $50 #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

Christmas Tree Hack #2: Make your own tree topper.

I know many families have heirloom tree toppers, and I love that! For our themed or color-schemed trees, though, finding a cheap tree topper can be tricky. Often the dollar store tree toppers are too small or just too underwhelming for a large tree like ours. So, as you can see in the video, I grabbed a couple of cheap Dollar Tree scores and put them together to be our tree topper.

Christmas Tree Hack #3: Save money on ribbon (by getting creative).

Ribbon can be such a pricy addition to a Christmas tree, even at the craft store with a coupon or sale, but ribbon is one step I never skip because it adds such depth and dimension to the tree. As mentioned in this dollar store Christmas tree post from a few years back, there are lots of affordable options to get the biggest bang for your buck for Christmas tree ribbon. We’ve been happy with the options at our local Dollar Tree (just be sure to shop early for the best selection and to get enough matching ribbon spools!) but this year we took it even one budget-saving step farther and used crepe paper streamers to augment our gold ribbon! Cha-ching, talk about a money saver AND it matches perfectly for our blue Christmas tree. It’s a different and kind of unexpected texture in the tree and I’m actually really happy with how our experiment looks! What do you think — cool money-saving tip, or totally not your style?


Another thing we really like about the non-traditional blue and gold Christmas tree is that it looks really great with the colored lights on our tree!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Under $50 #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

Not every color scheme looks great with colored lights, so we’re pretty thrilled with the light show we can put on using the colored lights! We even made our own GIF!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks


How will you be decorating your Christmas tree this year? We’d love to see!

Save money by decorating your Christmas with an affordable Dollar Tree haul! This is our third dollar store Christmas tree, and this gold and blue tree decor also features some of our favorite money-saving Christmas tree decorating hacks. #remodelaholic #Christmastree #dollarstoreChristmas #Christmashacks

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  1. All of your trees are gorgeous! I tend to keep the same tree theme every year, which is pink/gold/burgundy. I made a tree skirt years ago, and either made the ornaments, or they were given to me (some by people who are no longer with us) so all are special. Since the tree is only decorated once a year, I look forward to decorating and remembering.