Homework Station Inspiration: 32 Ideas for Organization and Order



25. Clothespin Homework Organization Station from Little Blue’s Room

This is a little niche that’s simple to create and will help keep track of all the school clutter.  It doesn’t take a lot of room; all you need is part of a wall!


26. Canvas Homework Caddy from Today’s Creative Blog

This handy craft caddy was turned into a portable homework station.  When you’re thinking about a station or caddy, consider what you’ve already got on hand.  It may be created with a different purpose in mind but work perfectly for homework essentials!  Look for lots of pockets, a big central area, zippered spots, etc.


27. Trifold Cardboard Station from U Create With Kids

This is a great idea if you’re short on space and don’t want something permanent.  You can fold it up and stick it just about anywhere, even under a couch!  It’s awesome for kids who get easily distracted and need help focusing, too.


28. Hallway Station For Two from Obsessive Mommy

This small desk fits in a hallway area, making use of a seldom frequented area of the home.  This is a great way to sneak a homework area into your home when you don’t have an office or full room to spare.  Get everything you need in caddies or boxes, put up hooks for backpacks, and still have enough room for busy little students.


29. Free-standing Homework Station from 11 Magnolia Lane

This small wire shelf in a corner or nook is all you need to store needed items.  Keep it as close to the table your kids do homework on as possible and everything will be easily accessible.


30. The Corner Station from The Happier Homemaker

This desk area is tucked into a corner and makes use of both wall spaces.  To keep things uncluttered, keep lists, charts, and magnetic items up on the wall.  Tuck items into a hanging file box.  Use a covered cork board so it matches your decor.  Put like items in jars and small bowls.  A DIY space like this is completely doable!


31. Pie Tin Homework Caddy from Chocolates for Breakfast

Here’s another great idea for a small homework caddy.  It takes minimal time and materials.  I love that this one incorporates room for a snack since the kids are always ravenous when they get home!


32. Boy-Friendly Art and Homework Station from The Crafted Sparrow

This space is boy-approved!  If you’ve got a little guy starting school, check out this boy-friendly homework space!  The decorated cans hung in baskets are super cute and the chalkboards are just painted baking trays!


With these 32 ideas for organization and order, your school year will be easy to tackle!  If you’d like even more ideas, check out these tips for making a shared home office for kids and adults.


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