The Easiest DIY Hanging Planter in the World + DIY West Elm Hanging Planter Knock-Off

The Easiest DIY Hanging Planter In The World + DIY West Elm Hanging Planter Knock Off

Good evening Remodelaholics! We hope that you have had a wonderful day today and a lot of fun planned for this week! Please send us your fun holiday projects and layouts to see! We love seeing all the fun things that you create! Click here to send a photo! Have a wonderful time celebrating with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, whoever you may be with that day! Let’s talk about the Easiest DIY Hanging Planter ever.

Kitchen With Circle Light Fixture Covered In Tree Branches Making It Festive And Beautiful

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We have a fun and simple way to decorate this Thanksgiving! Check out this Thanksgiving Table Decor: Thankful Trees! You can create it Thanksgiving morning if you want, it really doesn’t take much time at all! It’s a fun activity that will provide an opportunity to reflect on what you are grateful for as well as add a fun new piece to the holiday decor! Check it out and let us know if you create one this week for your celebration!

Watch Cassity in action! I love seeing others creativity in the works and I got so many ideas watching Cassity hard at work on her Dollar Store Decorated Christmas Tree Tutorial. It turned out beautiful! Plus, I love knowing that I can decorate a Christmas tree without breaking the bank! Watch the process and see the final result by checking out the video!

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Remodelaholic Spotlights

Chilly fall days are here and I love the changing colors. But the cold makes me well aware that winter months are coming. And there is nothing I need in my home more during the winter months than life and color! House plants are my favorite! I went shoppingn for some this past weekend and can’t wait to have them in place! I found The Easiest DIY Hanging Planter in the World and can’t wait to make one for myself! Isn’t it beautiful?

Blue Wall With Natural Wood Headboard, White Bedding, Patterned Pillows And Hanging Plant From The Ceiling, White Nighstand With Gold Accented Light And Planter

I love these beautiful small planters! The simple look is versatile and you could put these in just about any room of your house! The center of a dining room table, behind the kitchen sink, on the bathroom counter, on a nightstand, the possibilities are endless. Learn How to Build Modern Tabletop Planters and add some to your home!

Stained Wood Planters With White Pots And Succulents

We have a simple tutorial on How to Build A Long Wood and Glass Planter Centerpiece. It’s a beautiful option and will add the perfect touch of nature wherever you put it! With the individual planters it would make a terrific herb garden so you can enjoy the color as well as fresh herbs during the winter months!

Long Wood Planter With Glass Pots As A Centerpiece

Another gorgeous modern planter option is this DIY West Elm Hanging Planter Knock-Off. It adds a gorgeous and unqiue look and making it yourself allows you to skip the high price tag! Click below to see all the pictures of this beauty! I love how it matches the lamp! I am ready for one of my own!

Wood Diamond Hanging Planter, DIY West Elm Knock Off Hanging Planter

Have a Wonderful Week Remodelaholics!

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