Top 5 Easy Ways to Store Blankets + Build An Easy Blanket Ladder for Just $5

November 11, 2018 Week 1 (2)

Hello Remodelaholics! We hope that you have had an amazing week! Have you seen our most recent post of Cassity & Justin’s new interior doors? They painted their old doors and the new look is absolutely stunning! If you have been wondering what your next project should be… some new doors might just be your answer!

We would love to see your current projects, or any you have recently finished! Please share by sending us a photo! You never know who will be inspired by you!

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Cassity and Justin did a live video this past week and just in case you missed it, we uploaded it for you to see! Watch them Build Rustic Wood Wall Bins – An Easy Beginner Building Project! I am a visual learner so I love their video tutorials! If you love watching projects be made before you begin too, check out our library of video tutorials! You can view all of our available video tutorials and our next new project. Get notifications when new ones are published by subscribing now! Give us a thumbs up to let us know you liked it!

Remodelaholic Spotlights

If there’s one thing we love about Fall and Winter weather, it’s cuddling in front of a fire with a warm blanket! With a yummy treat of course! How do you store your blankets? If your house is like mine, somehow all the blankets migrate to the family room as the kids snuggle up in them. So today, we have a fantastic project that is cheap and easy but looks great! Build An Easy Blanket Ladder for Just $5 and your kids can keep their blankets put away while they aren’t in use!

Blanket Ladder Tutorial 522x800

Another fantastic blanket ladder, with a different look and style is this Pallet Blanket Ladder. We have the tutorial for you to build one and if you can find a free pallet, this project will cost you almost nothing (save the cost of a few nails). You can use it for decorative blankets or blankets that you truly use and it will look fabulous either way!

FREE Pallet Blanket Ladder Diy Tutorial Also Great For Storing Shoes @remodelaholic 9160

This DIY Wood Blanket Box on Wheels is a great item for many things. It could be used for books, toys, magazines, and of course our favorite (hence the name) blankets! It is stylish, looks great and is easy to move around any time you want to rearrange your room! Easy access is key sometimes! Check out how you can make this handy storage box for yourself!

IMG 5180 533x800

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Store Blankets that you may not have considered before! I love the look of the blankets in a console table with the drawers removed! So much character! Check out these ideas and see if you already have one in your home that you can use!

China Cabinet With Blankets @ Remodelaholic 534x800

Are you planning a facelift! Tell us which room, or send us a photo! We would love to help brainstorm ideas! We hope you have a wonderful week!

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