A Clean Kitchen in 20 Minutes or Less Daily

clean kitchen in 20 minutes a day
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Kitchen Clean Up Tips in 20 Minutes or Less Daily

Keeping a clean kitchen is no easy task for anyone. Between the crumbs, spills and splatters a kitchen collects on a daily basis, it’s easy for it to all build up until you need to spend half your weekend in your kitchen cleaning. Here are some quick daily practices you can follow to keep your kitchen tidy in less than 15 minutes each day.


Start with a new kitchen rule:

Dishes get washed or put in the dishwasher immediately. Your sinks job is not to collect dirty dishes.


Wipe down that sink after every use – 5 minutes or less daily

Every morning pull out a clean towel or rag and hang it on the edge of your sink. Every time you use the sink whether you’re washing your hands or draining pasta, wipe it down. There won’t be time for food and water spots to dry on. A clean, sparkling sink makes all the difference in the world!


Wipe down stove, counters and dining table after each meal – 5 minutes or less daily

Spills and splatters are easier to wipe up when they’re wet. It should only take 30 seconds to a minute to quickly wipe down a surface that doesn’t have dried on drips or splatters. Remember that clean towel hanging on the edge of your sink? Use it all day to wipe down everything you use immediately.


Sweep the kitchen – 5 minutes or less daily
Grab your broom out of the garage and do a quick sweep every single day. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning or at midnight before bed, if you sweep everyday your floor will stay clean.


Speed clean – 5 minutes or less daily
Find that one thing that’s be bugging you and clean it as fast as you can. Spills in the fridge, dirty microwave, a few things that went bad and need to be thrown out. The key is to just do it 5 minutes a day. Don’t get sucked in to doing it any longer, 5 minutes a day will keep your kitchen manageable.


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  1. I use a spray bottle with water and a little bit of dish soap to help with wiping down my table, counters & stovetop and just wipe down with a rag. It’s amazing how a little water and elbow grease really make things nice.