Impractical Makeovers: 13 Trends to Avoid in Remodeling!

There’s nothing worse than spending time, energy, and hard-earned bucks on a home renovation, just to find out the new “hip” design is as practical as juggling water.

We’ve all seen these designs smeared across glossy pages or lighting up our screens, but are they fit for everyday life? Let’s talk about a few of those flashy remodel trends that might not be as practical as they seem.

13. All-White Everything

White Compact Kitchen
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While a white palette is classic, an all-white interior can be impractical for families or high-traffic areas. Consider adding pops of color to prevent a sterile look and make maintenance easier.

12. Open Shelving in Kitchens

Open Door Kitchen Cabinets
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Open kitchen shelving exposes your odds and ends, demanding perpetual tidying. An overdone trend, it turns storage into an unasked chore and a dust magnet. Cabinets are the unsung heroes of the kitchen, ensuring no precarious juggling of Aunt Edna’s gifted spoon. Keep the drama off the counter.

11. Barn Doors for Bathrooms

11 Diy Chevron Barn Door Building Tutorial Emily Seaton On @Remodelaholic 111 021323
Photo Credit: Emily Seaton  for Remodelaholic.

Barn doors in the bathroom? Stylish and rustic, sure, but they’re barn doors for a reason. Those tiny gaps are not ideal for bathroom privacy, so stick to regular doors and avoid bath-time paranoia.

Build this Barn Door with instructions here.

10. Wallpaper Everywhere

Flower Wallpaper Bedroom 4 SS
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Wallpapers look great in catalogs but on every wall? It’s visual overload, like binging on too much strawberry ice cream. Opt for subtle gray paint or subway tiles instead because too much wallpaper can become overwhelming and not chic.

9. Ultra-Modern Minimalism

Elegant Bench
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It’s all about stripping away the frills and the fluff and turning your living spaces into a set for a sci-fi movie. However, your home needs more than just organic shapes, an inch-thick coat of white paint, and a lonely chair in the name of furniture. Besides, you may get quickly bored with the stark look.

8. Oversized Kitchen Islands

UVP23 H29 Symphony Homes Build And Design (10)
Photo Credit: Remodelaohlic Built by Symphony Homes.

Oversized kitchen islands may be trendy only in magazines because they’re space hogs. Unless you have the space, this type of island demands significant clearance and occupies prime kitchen territory. Think before you leap into this trend!

7. Floating Vanities in Bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Trends To Avoid
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Floating vanities in bathrooms must have been cooked up by plumbers looking for a solid paycheck fixing water damage. It’s impractical because it defeats the purpose of a bathroom vanity. Hint for you: when style trumps function, you’re in for long-term hurt.

6. Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed Brick Wall Painted White Brick
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Here’s another one of the impractical design trends: exposed brick walls. They look cool, but just wait until those bricks start collecting dust, mites, and webs – not to mention the acoustics they reflect. 

5. Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken Living Room Modern
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Sunken living rooms: chic in theory, but a trip hazard in the dark. That cozy nook can turn into a privacy pitfall. Remember, some walls are good because you may want to keep the prying eyes out, especially when you have a full house.

4. Glass-walled Bathrooms

No Door Between Badroom And Bathroom
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Glass-walled bathrooms are aesthetically pleasing yet privacy-deficient. Water damage is a real concern in such a space. Let’s archive this trend with shag carpets and dated green appliances.

3. Metallic Finishes on Everything

Metal Kitchen Industrial Kitchen
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Imagine walking into a room with metallic finishes on everything, from sofas to chairs, tables to cupboards. The trend of incorporating metallic finishes reached its peak a while back. However, metallic surfaces tend to show every single fingerprint, scratch, and smudge.

2. Freestanding Bathtubs

Elegant Bathtub
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Freestanding bathtubs were once a bathroom trend, coveted for their spa-like aesthetics. While they are visually striking, they often prove impractical due to infrequent use, high water consumption, and the space they occupy.

1. Concrete Flooring in Living Areas

Concrete Flooring Modern
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Concrete flooring gained popularity for its unique industrial charm, but it’s undeniably cold, hard, and lacks comfort. It’s not forgiving to our bodies or fragile items, making it a better fit for specific industrial-style spaces instead of residential homes.

Source: Reddit

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