DIY TV Wall Mount — for Under $15!

Buying a new TV is expensive enough and getting a bracket to hang it just increases the price, but here’s a clever DIY TV wall mount solution that will cost you less than $15!

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DIY TV Wall Mount For Under 15 Dollars Tutorial Featured On Remodelaholic
by Imperfectly Polished on Remodelaholic

Supplies for DIY TV Wall Mount:

  • Drill
  • Angle iron, also called a Punched Angle or Slotted Angle (Buy a length that is slightly shorter than the width of your TV)
  • Screws and Washers to fit the Angle Iron and the TV (These may already be present on the TV. Check before you buy them.)
  • 2 Hooks (rated to hold as much as or more than your TV weighs)
  • TV 🙂

DIY TV Wall Mount, Step 1: Install Hooks in the wall

Find studs in the area where you will be hanging the TV. Taking into account where the angle iron will attach to your TV, carefully measure where the wall hooks will need to go. Using the angle iron as a guide (to ensure that the holes you drill will align with two holes in your angle iron), mark two spots on the studs where you will install the hooks. Pre-drill the holes into the studs. Insert your hooks into the wall.

How To Mount A Flat Screen TV Without A Wall Mount Bracket By Imperfectly Polished On Remodelaholic

DIY TV Wall Mount, Step 2: Attach Angle Iron to the TV

Attach angle iron to the back of the TV using screws and washers. Our TV already had screws on the back for mounting, but they were not long enough for this application. We had to go to the hardware store to get some that would fit our holes and be the right length. We used washers as well.

DIY TV Wall Mount For Flat Screen TV By Imperfectly Polished On Remodelaholic

DIY TV Wall Mount, Step 3: Hang and enjoy!

Getting a picture for this step was difficult, so here is my poorly drawn version of where the hooks go 🙂

Flat Screen TV DIY Wall Mount By Imperfectly Polished On Remodelaholic

And now you have a perfectly mounted TV for just $14!

DIY TV Wall Mount For Under $15 Imperfectly Polished On Remodelaholic

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Originally published 05.19.2011 // Updated 08.25.2020


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  1. Cassidy these are fabulous ideas! We’re Ramsey fans too and are in the same boat! I’m so excited to find someone with creative ideas that work on a tight budget! Keep ’em comin’!!!


  2. How did you accomplish a nice polished look with no chords? I can’t tell from the photo that you even have a chord. I’d love to know how to make mine look like that.

  3. Should the TV you are hanging come with the screws you need? And I see how many screws should hold up the angle iron?

  4. just did a fr%#$@& heavy 60″ Panasonic with this technique, came out great.

    A few tips, the initial angle iron was not sturdy enough, should have gone beefy first try. I avoided the hooks because I felt it would stick out too much, nah, should have done the hooks. Use the angle iron to space them out so they match the holes in the iron to make it easier to hang. You can string a piece of wood between the studs to ensure you are hitting enough of them and put the hooks in the wood.

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Totally spent $8.97 on all we needed to mount ours!! Also won a bet with my sister, BC I didn’t ahave to spend the $60+ on an actual mount. You are brilliant!! Thanks!!!!

  6. This was awesome!!! Total was $10.74 (because I bought screws just in case). My tv hung w/o issues and it looks professionally mounted! I’m so thankful I stumbled upon this post. Many thanks. Keep up the great blogging!

  7. I am looking forward to trying this in my new condo! But I have a long list of to-dos and have minimal “handy=man” skills. My question is about the screws into the TV, to secure the angle iron, would it be preferable to remove the back of the TV and put bolts on the screws? Has yours held up pretty well without them? My TV is smaller and has holes in the back, but no screws.

  8. I haven’t tried this yet, but thank you ever so much! I wish I had found your idea before I put my small 32 inch TV on the wall in my bedroom. I just like it better.

    Thank you ever so much!