28 Ways to Spruce Up White Curtains

[tps_header]White curtains are airy, simple, and calming… but sometimes they can be a bit boring. If you have white curtains in your home and you think they need some color or something, check out these 28 ways to decorate and spruce up white curtains for some inspiration!

White curtains can be calming and beautiful... or they can feel bland. If you're looking to spice up plain curtains, try these ideas!

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28 Ways to Spruce Up White Curtains

Giving white curtains some DIY character is a great way to get a designer look while on a budget. Pick up a pair of inexpensive curtains (we love Amazon for great prices without leaving the house! under $10? yes!) and get to work on one of these ideas! And don’t forget to follow these easy tricks for great-looking curtains when you hang them!


You can paint practically anything and that includes white curtains! The only limit is your imagination. Take a look at these 45 painted curtain DIYs and see if you can come up with a new design!

45 DIY Painted Curtains and Tutorials via Remodelaholic

Another popular way to jazz up white curtains is to add trim. Tassel fringe is a really fun option (Love Maegan).

tassle fringe trim white curtains

Pom pom trim always looks cute when added to white curtains, but for even more of a custom and designed look, add your trim to a matching white shade as well (The Stir).

add pom pom trim white curtains shade

Or you could put the pom pom trim on the outside edges for a slightly different look (Yellow Brick Home).

pom pom trim outside edge white curtains

For a unique and fun look, get a lot of pom pom trim and use them to create awesomely textured striped curtains (Makely Home).

pom pom trim striped white curtains

Thick trim in a special pattern is always a great addition to white curtains. Try adding them to the top of your curtains with the help of fabric glue (Charming Zebra).

thick trim top of white curtains
Only have solid trim? Use it to create stunning greek key curtain panels (View Along the Way).

greek key panels with trim white curtains

Grab ribbon trim in varying sizes to create three (or more) stripes on your white curtains (Simply Swider).

Get creative with your ribbon trim design, like this great criss-cross design (The Little Black Door).

add criss cross trim top white curtains

You could use your favorite fabric to create thick trim for your curtains. This is also a great solution for too-short curtains (Decor Adventures).

add thick fabric trim to white curtains

And here’s another example of using fabric as thick trim for curtains, but with the addition of pinch pleat for a classic, elegant look (Calling It Home).

add pinch pleat white curtains trim

Lace doilies, either heirloom or flea market, look gorgeous on white curtains (Apartment Therapy).

add lace doilies white curtains

Completely transform your white curtains by dyeing them a bold color (Little Green Notebook).

dyed white curtains yellow

You could dye them only partially to create a cool ombre look (Shore Society).

dyed ombre white curtains teal

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