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35 Best Indoor Playhouses

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You and your kids can beat cabin fever with these great indoor playhouse ideas!

 It’s been a long time since I’ve spent the winter months in a place with “real” winter.  We’re talking lots of snow, lots and LOTS of snow, freezing temperatures, icy roads an inversion….the whole nine yards.  Months and months of that stuff.  And since this is the first time I’ve experienced that kind of winter with kids of my own, well—let’s just say I have an entirely new understanding of the diagnosis “cabin fever”.

We’ve definitely got a bad case of it.  Can I admit we’ve even pulled our outdoor slide into Etta’s room.  We are missing the playhouse that we created in our last house (which I still haven’t really shown you finished yet, but I will, here are some of the posts though:  Starting to build, mural painting, mini child’s hutch building, coffered ceiling,  fireplace and play kitchen reveal and plans….)

Since I told you about my color plans for Etta’s room, I’ve been drawing up elevations.   While drawing, I have been thinking about nooks and fun places that make me want to be a kid again.  I just really I want to create something like that  in Etta’s room.  So, of course  while I’m dreaming up plans, I thought it would be fun to check out a few inspiring ideas for indoor playhouses and spaces, below.

slide 1: Under the Stairs Playhouse
slide 2: Under the Stairs Reading Nook
slide 3: Two-Story Closet Playhouse
slide 4: Cottage Playhouse Bunk Bed
slide 5: Tablecloth Playhouse
slide 6: Pretend Castle
slide 7: Under the Stairs Playhouse 2
slide 8: Attic Playroom
slide 9: Boy’s and Girl’s Playhouses
slide 10: Imagination Station Playroom
slide 11: Fabric Tee-Pee
slide 12: Hanging Loft Bed
slide 13: Reading Nook Closet
slide 14: Reading Nook for Kids
slide 15: Vet Corner
slide 16: Indoor Playhouse on Stairs
slide 17: Built-In Bed Playhouse
slide 18: Colorful Loft Playhouse Bed
slide 19: Kid’s Performing Stage
slide 20: Indoor Climbing Wall and Playhouse
slide 21: Indoor Tee-Pee
slide 22: Boy’s Jungle Adventure Room
slide 23: Bunk Bed House
slide 24: Loft Bed
slide 25: Real-Life Narnia
slide 26: Juliet Playhouse
slide 27: Modern Playhouse
slide 28: Bohemian Treehouse
slide 29: Bohemian Playhouse
slide 30: Cedar Shake Attic Playhouse
slide 31: Green Slide Playhouse
slide 32: Wallpapered Modern Playhouse
slide 33: Pink Bungalow
slide 34: White Bliss Reading Nook
slide 35: Simple Reading Corner
slide 36: Two-Story Nook
slide 37: Indoor Climbing Wall
slide 38: Indoor Slide and Bed Nook
slide 39: Playhouse Art Station
slide 40: Playhouse Loft Bed
slide 41: Attic Space Fort

35+ Best Indoor Playhouses | @Remodelaholic #diy #indoor #home #playhouse #kids

35+ Best Indoor Playhouses | @Remodelaholic #diy #indoor #home #playhouse #kids


So what do you think are those not some of the best indoor playhouse ideas you’ve seen?  I think so!

Built-In-Bed-playhouse-nook-sf-girl-by-bay Etsy-Tablecloth-playhouse

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  1. Jennifer says

    Love the inspiration. Any thoughts on where I can get a slide like the one used in “Indoor Slide and Bed Nook”? Thanks

    • Cass says

      Hi Jennifer — I’d imagine you could use the slide part from a regular swingset type slide and then build a base for it. But that’s just a guess as I haven’t ever tried it myself! Thanks for reading!

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