25+ Fun Camping Ideas for Families


25+ Camping Ideas for Families

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We have tons of new ideas and recipes to make your families' camping experience fun and easy!

It was just Memorial Day, and that is exciting…because around here, that’s when camping season begins! I don’t really come from a family of campers. But it is something that my husband and I have adopted into our own family! As much fun as it can be to get pampered at a swanky hotel, it’s not always my first choice for a weekend getaway. Nope, I’d much rather get cozy around a blazing fire, get my fingers sticky from s’mores, and sleep out under the stars. Now that we live so close to the mountains, Justin and I are really excited to pass along our love of roughing it in the great outdoors to our girls. We can’t wait to show them how much fun it can be to spend time out of doors.

“How much fun it can be” is an important phrase when it comes to camping. While weather and mosquitoes can work together to wreak havoc on a campout, often times it’s a simple lack of preparation that keeps first time campers from being able to enjoy a new experience. If you are taking kids along, it’s especially important to be prepared for changes in the weather, have food that’s easy to prepare, and know how to provide basic first aid. Luckily, there are lots of good resources out there to help you get ready for living life on the wild side for a few days. All it takes is a little prep work so that you can fave a great time camping with your family. By the way…if you happen to be a happy camper, too, I’d love to get your recommendations for favorite campsites–make sure you let me know yours in the comments, below!

slide 1: 100 Best Campsites in the U.S.
slide 2: Family Camping Checklist
slide 3: Kid-Safe Campsite
slide 4: Tips for Camping with Kids
slide 5: Wilderness Survival Tips for Parents
slide 6: The Tent Commandments
slide 7: DIY Green Fire Starters
slide 8: Single Log Cookstove
slide 9: DIY Solar Oven
slide 10: Dutch Oven Cooking
slide 11: Easy Camping Menu Tips
slide 12: Delicious Campfire Recipes
slide 13: Camping Food Tips and Recipes
slide 14: Campfire Orange Rolls
slide 15: Breakfast Campurritos
slide 16: Banana Boats
slide 17: Campfire Monkey Bread
slide 18: Campfire Eclairs
slide 19: Woofums
slide 20: S’more Treats
slide 21: Homemade Natural Bug Spray
slide 22: Sage as Bug Repellent
slide 23: Mosquito Magnet
slide 24: Camper Makeover
slide 25: Trampoline Tent
slide 26: Ladies Camping Equipment
slide 27: Camping Family Portraits
slide 28: DIY Boy Scout-Style Camp
slide 29: Backyard Camping Date

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  1. Seth Taylor says

    These are some great ideas. When I was a kid camping we used to make baked potatoes by wrapping them in foil and burying them in a hole with some hot coals!

  2. Cydnee Schroeder says

    I was so surprised that the 100 best campground list only had one campsite from Utah. Utah is home to several national parks and some of the most beautiful campsites. Some of my favorites being Calf Creek, Capitol Reef, and Kodachrome State Park. Check them out!

    • says

      Cydnee, I agree, there should be more for Utah. I have been to some amazing places along the Wasatch Front. Those other ones you listed sound nice. We will have to look into them. Thanks for the comment.

  3. April LaMontagne says

    Every year we go to West Port Beach near Fort Bragg, California. There is a play ground for the kids, horse shoes, volley ball and is less than a 1/2 mile walk to the beach.

  4. says

    This is a great post with excellent resources. I love camping we just got back from Kayak camping this weekend in the Adirondacks. It was so peaceful and beautiful till the ranger kayaked up and told us to make sure we did a bear bag because a bear was sited a day ago at the site we kayaked out to camp. I was thrilled we brought the watch dog since the ranger also told us the bear that has been around was afraid of dogs. We do not have children yet and I have always wondered how it will be camping with them so I am off to pin this for future reference. Ahh now counting the days till another camping trip this weekend. Cheers!

  5. alicia says

    I grew up camping and I always hated having to help but what child wouldn’t rather go play. Now that I have a family of my own we went camping with a friend family and its so different when you are the adult and in charge, making decisions. Not in a bad way, I enjoyed myself completely it’s just you haave a different look on things so now I have been pin crazy looking at all the different camping tips on pintrest to help make the experience better. Thanks for this post.

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