25 Herringbone Projects for Your Home


Herringbone Tile Floor

Herringbone Tile Floor| Sweet Something Design

DIY Herringbone Wood Floors

DIY Herringbone Wood Floors | Artisan Des Arts

Herringbone Brick Mudroom Floor

Herringbone Brick Mudroom Floor | Brambly


Painted Herringbone Entry Ceiling

Painted Herringbone Entry Ceiling | Sweetest Digs Featured on Remodelaholic

Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Ceiling

Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Ceiling | Make Me Pretty Again


DIY Herringbone Duvet Cover

DIY Herringbone Duvet Cover | Our Thrifty Ideas

Herringbone Quilt

Herringbone Quilt | Cluck Cluck Sew


Glitter Herringbone Nails

Glitter Herringbone Nails | Polish All The Nails

Herringbone Painted TShirt

Herringbone Painted TShirt | I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Herringbone Shorts

Herringbone Shorts | Caila Made

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Herringbone in Home Decor | 25 Projects and Ideas from Remodelaholic.com #herringbone #diy #homedecor


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Herringbone Painted Wall


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  1. I have long gushed over herringbone-laid floors, so not only the wood floors make me swoon (esp. how they do it across the pond) but also those brick floors. The first “idea house” I remember reading about was in Southern Living several years ago and they had a brick floor in the entry. I don’t think it was herringbone, but the combination of my favorite pattern with a not-over-used flooring material is awesome in my book.

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