25 Spice Rack Organizers

Spice rack organizers can make it so much easier to find everything you need while cooking and baking. Plus, they can add a fun design element to your kitchen.

After organizing your spices, update your cabinet doors by building shaker style doors, or try a DIY countertop update.

Affordable Chicken Wire Wall Shelf As A Modern Farmhouse Spice Organizer, Printable Spice Labels #remodelaholic

Spice racks can be great in cabinets to keep everything in order, or as an added design element in your kitchen or pantry by hanging on a wall or sitting on a table. Look through these great ideas to find the perfect way to organize your spices in your kitchen.

To Buy

There are so many great ways to get organized in the kitchen. These ideas are cute and practical!

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  1. 18 Jar Spice Rack – Wayfair
  2. Four Tier Farmhouse Style – Wayfair
  3. Three Level Shelf – Walmart
  4. Spice Jars and Organizers – Walmart
  5. Black Mesh Wall Mount Organizers – Walmart
  6. Expandable Bamboo Spice Rack – Wayfair
  7. Criss Cross Set – Wayfair
  8. 18 Jar Wood Spice Rack – Wayfair
  9. Slim Line Spice Rack – Wayfair
  10. Four Tier Spice Drawer Organizer – Wayfair
  11. Three Tier Free Standing Organizer – Amazon
  12. 20 Jars and Organizer – Amazon
  13. 24 Jars, Labels and Rack – Amazon
  14. Two Pack Organizers – Amazon
  15. Acacia Three Tier Organizer – Target
  16. Metal Slide-Out – Target
  17. White Adjustable Organizer – Target
  18. Three Piece Shelf Steps – Target
  19. Corner three Tiered Shelf – Overstock
  20. Free Standing Spice Organizer – Overstock
  21. Bamboo Cube Organizer – Kohl’s
  22. Wood 30 Jar Spice Rack – The Home Depot
  23. Copper Wire Three Tier – The Home Depot
  24. Two Row Chicken Wire Shelf – Wayfair
  25. White Chicken Wire Four Tier Shelf – Lowe’s

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more spice organization ideas.

To Make or Build

Create the perfect storage solution by building a custom spice organizer or adding a DIY touch with printables.

  1. Mini Mason Jar Spice Rack by Sawdust 2 Stitches for Remodelaholic
  2. Countertop Spice Bin Build by Krista Builds for Remodelaholic
  3. Modern Farmhouse Spice Rack and Labels
  4. Tiered Spice Rack by HerToolBelt for Remodelaholic
  5. Space Saving Spice Cabinet by Confessions of a Serial DIYer for Remodelaholic
  6. Custom Built Spice Rack by One Project Closer for Remodelaholic

Design Inspiration

A few cool organizers to get your ideas going.

DIY Spice Shelf With Mini Mason Jars

Love mason jars? These cute mason style spice jars are perfect for a rustic farmhouse look! These are perfect to display where everyone can see how cute they are!

Remodelaholic Spice Cupboard Drawer

Looking for more of a hidden storage style? Build a spice box. And then paint it to match your kitchen and personalize it with a cute drawer pull.

Kitchen Drawer Pulled Out To Display Rows Of Spice Jars, Easy Access, Easy Readability

Another great way to organize spices, is to put them in a drawer. Slide out the drawer and they are all right there, but also out of sight!

Which is your favorite way to organize spices? Have your own spice rack ideas let us know!

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